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  • Hazaima, H., Low, M., & Allen, J. (2017). Impact of corporate social responsibility disclosures on financial performance - a Jordanian case study. International Journal of Critical Accounting, 9(5/6), 433-459. doi:10.1504/IJCA.2017.090585

  • Davis, P., Allen, J., & Low, M. (2017). Use of pictures in annual reports of New Zealand's universities to portray their intellectual capital. In 2017 AFAANZ Conference. Adelaide, Australia.

  • Tait, C., & Allen, J. (2016). The cloud is watching you. Acuity, June, 59-60.

  • Low, M., Botes, V., De La Rue, D., & Allen, J. (2016). Accounting employers' expectations - the ideal accounting graduates. e-Journal of Business Education and Scholarship of Teaching, 10(1), 36-57.

  • Allen, J. (2013). Power for the people : sustainability and stakeholder engagement in the New Zealand power industry. (Master's Thesis, Auckland University of Technology (AUT)).

  • Allen, J., McCourt, A., & Low, M. (2011). Playing the double entry monopoly game - Active learning in accounting principles and practices. Accounting Instructors' Report, Fall, 1-8.

  • Allen, J., Tregidga, H., & Kearins, K. (2008). Environmental and social accounting. In K. Hooper, H. Davey, G. Liyanarachchi, & S. Prescott (Eds.), Conceptual Issues in Accounting: A New Zealand Perspective (pp. 133-159). Cengage Learning.

  • Allen, J. N., & Kearins, K. N. (2004). Environmental and Social Accounting. In S. Devi, K. Hooper, & H. Davey (Eds.), Accounting Theory and Practice: A Malaysian Experience (pp. 455-477). Selangor, Malaysia: Prentice Hall.

  • Allen, J., & Kearins, K. (2001). Environmental issues in accounting. In K. Hooper, H. Davey, S. Johns, & B. Oldfield (Eds.), Issues in Accounting: A New Zealand Perspective (pp. 142-166). Palmerston North: Dunmore Press.

  • Hooper, K., Davey, H., Johns, S., Oldfield, W., Kearins, K., & Allen, J. (2001). Issues in accounting: A New Zealand perspective. Palmerston North: Dunmore Press.

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