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  • Manyam, J. V. A. (2017). [Review of Ten Years of Tax - a celebration of Professor Michael Littlewood's First Decade at the University of Auckland Faculty of Law, 2003-2013 by Aditya Basrur, Christopher Jenkins, James Ruddell, and Sehj Vather]. New Zealand Law Journal, 8(September), 299-302.

  • Manyam, J. V. A. (2017). Bank of New Zealand v Patrick [2017] NZHC 1184.. New Zealand Law Journal, 8(September), 293-294.

  • Manyam, J. (2016). Breitenfeld UK Ltd v Harrison and others. New Zealand Law Journal, 6, 237-238.

  • Manyam, J. (2016). Corporate governance and the company director’s duty to exercise powers for proper purposes. New Zealand Law Journal, 9, 328-332.

  • Manyam, J. (2016). Torbay Holdings Limited v Napier. New Zealand Law Journal, 3, 96.

  • Manyam, J. (2016). Eclairs Group Ltd and anor v JKX Oil and Gas plc. New Zealand Law Journal, 8, 314.

  • manyam, J. (2016). Goldtrail Travel Ltd (in liquidation) v Aydin and others. New Zealand Law Journal, 9, 348-349.

  • Manyam, J. (2016). Burnett v Patterson. New Zealand Law Journal, (2), 67-68.

  • Manyam, J. V. A. (2015). Attributing illegal actions of directors to the company. New Zealand Law Journal, October(9), 330-334-338.

  • Manyam, J. V. A. (2015). Equitable estoppel and unconscionable conduct in commercial transactions. New Zealand Law Journal, March(2), 48-51.

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