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  • Milne, L. (2017). The girl on the bus or the spider in the bathroom? Students’ enduring memories of learning experiences outside the classroom in technology education. In P. J. Williams, & K. Goodwin (Eds.), Technology: An holistic approach to education (pp. 214-222). Hamilton, New Zealand: Technology Environmental Mathematics and Science (TEMS) education Research Centre, University of Waikato.

  • Milne, L. (2017). Children learning outside the classroom. In C. Benson, & S. Lawson (Eds.), Teaching Design and Technology Creatively (pp. 146-158). New York, USA: Routledge.

  • Milne, L. (2017). Technology Education in the New Zealand curriculum: History and rationale. In M. J. de Vries (Ed.), Handbook of Technology Education (pp. 1-15). Springer International Limited. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-38889-2_10-1

  • Milne, R. (2016). The impact of a learning experience outside the classroom on the creative design solutions of five-year old students in technology education. In H. Middleton (Ed.), Proceedings of the 9th Biennial International Conference on Technology Education Research (pp. 175-182). Magill Campus, University of South Australia, Australia.

  • Milne, R. L. (2015). The EOTC milieu as a setting for teaching and learning experiences for five-year-old students in technology education. (PhD Thesis, University of Waikato).

  • Milne, R. L. (2015). Manahi’s red chocolate sunglasses: the impact of a learning experience outside the classroom on a five-year-old student’s technological practice. In M. Chatoney (Ed.), Plurality and Complementarity of Approaches in Design and Technology Education (pp. 287-292). Marseilles, France.

  • Eames, C. W., Lockley, J., & Milne. (2015). Education for sustainability in primary technology education. In N. Taylor, F. Quinn, & C. Eames (Eds.), Educating for Sustainability in Primary Schools. Teaching for the Future (pp. 121-134). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense publishers. doi:10.1007/978-94-6300-046-8_7

  • Milne, L. (2015). Chocolates for me or chocolates for you? The impact of a learning experience outside the classroom on the technological practice of two five-year-old students. In The National Conference of Technology Education in New Zealand (pp. 1-7). Conference held at Wintec, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Milne, L. (2013). Nurturing the designerly thinking and design capabilities of five-year-olds: Technology in the new entrant classroom. International Journal of Technology and Design Education, 23(2), 349-360. doi:10.1007/s10798-011-9182-4

  • Milne, L., & Forret, M. (2012). Parents as teachers: Using parent helpers to guide young children's technological practice. In PATT 26 Conference. Conference held at Stockholm.

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