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  • Harcourt, M., Kumar, R., & Croucher, R. (2017). A union default: A policy to raise union membership, promote the freedom to associate, and protect the freedom not to associate. In Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics (pp. 26 pages). Lyon, France.

  • Hambly, K., Kumar, R. V., Harcourt, M., Lam, H., & Wood, G. (2017). Profit-sharing as an incentive. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, online, 1-21. doi:10.1080/09585192.2017.1334149

  • Harcourt, M., Lam, H., & Croucher, R. (2016). The endowment effect, the right to manage, and economic democracy. In 15th Society of Heterodox Economics Conference 2016 (pp. 33 pages). Sydney, Australia.

  • Harcourt, M., Lam, H., & Croucher, R. (2016). A new rationale for collective employee representation. In Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics Annual Meeting 2016 (pp. 26 pages). Berkeley, USA.

  • Harcourt, M., Lam, H., & Croucher, R. (2015). The right-to-manage default rule. Industrial Relations Journal, 46(3), 222-235. doi:10.1111/irj.12101

  • Harcourt, M., Lam, H., & Wood, G. (2014). US union revival, minority unionism and inter-union conflict. Journal of Industrial Relations, 56(5), 653-671. doi:10.1177/0022185613507165

  • Harcourt, M. (2014). Filling the void: Mental heuristics and their implications for regulating incomplete employment contracts. In 13th Conference of the Australian Society of Heterodox Economists (pp. 37 pages). Sydney, Australia.

  • de Thierry, E., Lam, H., Harcourt, M., Flynn, M., & Wood, G. (2014). Defined benefit pension decline: The consequences for organizations and employees. Employee Relations, 36(6), 654-673. doi:10.1108/ER-02-2013-0020

  • Ollington, N., Gibb, J., & Harcourt, M. (2013). Online social networks: An emergent recruiter tool for attracting and screening. Personnel Review, 43(3), 1-30. Retrieved from

  • Clarke, C., Harcourt, M., & Flynn, M. (2013). Performance appraisal and justice: A health care example: Department of Strategy and Human Resource Management Working Paper Series (No.95). Waikato Management School.

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