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  • Morrison, M. (2017). Conceiving context: The origins and development of the conceptual framework. In P. Angelle (Ed.), A Global Perspective of Social Justice Leadership for School Principals (pp. 43-62). Information Age Publishing Inc.

  • Morrison, M. (2017). “I wasn’t really a decile 10 person”: Deliberate enactment of social
    justice leadership in a high-needs context. In R. McNae, M. Morrison, & R. Notman (Eds.), Educational Leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand (pp. 73-87). NZCER Press.

  • Notman, R., Morrison, M., & McNae, R. (2017). Introduction: Leading for social justice and high needs in education. In R. McNae, M. Morrison, & R. Notman (Eds.), Educational leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand: Issues of context and social justice (pp. 1-13). NZCER Press.

  • Morrison, M., & Kedian, J. (2017). In the mi[d]st of policy enactment: Leading innovative learning environments (ILEs) in New Zealand schools. Journal of Educational Leadership Policy and Practice, 32(1), 1-6.

  • Morrison, M., Notman, R., & McNae, R. (2017). Transcending the personal and political: Provocations. In R. McNae, M. Morrison, & R. Notman (Eds.), Educational leadership in Aotearoa New Zealand: Issues of context and social justice (pp. 159-173). NZCER Press.

  • Angelle, P., Morrison, M. M., & Stevenson, H. (2016). ‘Doing’ social justice leadership: Connecting the macro- and microcontexts of schooling. In J. Ryan, & D. Armstrong (Eds.), Working (With/out) the System Educational Leadership, Micropolitics, and Social Justice (pp. 95-117). Charlotte, North Carolina, USA: Information Age Publishing, Inc.

  • Branson, C. M., Morrison, M. M., & McNae, R. (2016). In search of seamless education. In Democratic Ethical Educational Leadership Reclaiming School Reform (pp. 138-143). New York, USA and Oxfordshire, United Kingdom: Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group.

  • Kedian, J., Giles, D., Morrison, M., & Fletcher, M. (2015). Leadership development as a dialogic process: the rationale and concept of an international leadership institute. International Journal of Leadership in Education: Theory and Practice, _online, 1-21. doi:10.1080/13603124.2014.997800

  • Potter, I., Torrance, D., Angelle, D., Arlestig, H., Branson, C., Cheng, A., . . . Travers, J. (2015). Voices of school leaders across the world: To what extent are their voices heard, particularly when leading for social justice and schools in high need?. In BELMAS Annual Conference 2015 Democracy: Time for renewal or retreat in educational leadership. Conference held at Wokefield Park Conference Centre, Reading, Berkshire, UK.

  • Morrison, M. M., & Ferrier-Kerr, J. (2015). Mentoring as a navigational change compass: Attending to the personal transition process. In C. Murphy, & K. Thornton (Eds.), Mentoring in Early Childhood Education: A Compilation of Thinking, Pedagogy and Practice (pp. 263-278). Wellington, New Zealand: New Zealand Council for Educational Research (NZCER) Press.

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