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  • Reinsfield, E. (2017). Teachers’ perceptions of the technology curriculum: The influence of the school context for meaning-making and knowledge for practice.. In Technology: An holistic approach to education (pp. 254-264). Hamilton, New Zealand: Technology Environmental Mathematics and Science (TEMS) Education Research Centre. Retrieved from

  • Reinsfield, E. (2017). Technology education in New Zealand secondary schools: Time to realise future-focused and innovative practices.. In New Zealand Association for Research in Education (NZARE) Conference 2017 Partnerships: From promise to praxis. University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Reinsfield, E., & Williams, P. J. (2017). New Zealand secondary technology teachers’ perceptions: “technological” or “technical” thinking?. International Journal of Technology and Design Education. doi:10.1007/s10798-017-9418-z

  • Reinsfield, E. (2016). A future-focus for teaching and learning: Technology education in two New Zealand secondary schools. Teachers and Curriculum, 16(1). doi:10.15663/tandc.v16i1.122

  • Reinsfield, E. (2016). Technology education in New Zealand context: Disparate approaches to meaning making of the curriculum and the implications for teachers’ evolving knowledge for practice.. Australasian Journal of Technology Education, 3(1). doi:10.15663/ajte.v3i1.39

  • Fisher, A., Archard, S., Archard, S., & Reinsfield, E. (2016). Transitioning into initial teacher education programme at the University of Waikato: Are students prepared and realistic about what lies ahead?. In NZARE Annual Conference 2016. Victoria Univeristy, Wellington, NZ.

  • Reinsfield, E., & Williams, J. (2015). Exploring teachers' enactment of the technology curriculum. In TENZ Conference 2015. Conference held at Waikato Institute of Technology (WinTec), Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Reinsfield, E. (2014). Secondary school technology education in New Zealand: Does it do what it says on the box?. Teachers and Curriculum, 14(1), 47-53. doi:10.15663/tandc.v14i1.94

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