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  • Durie, E. T., Joseph, R., Erueti, A., & Toki, V. (2017). The waters of the Maori: Maori law and state law: The waters of the Maori: Maori law and state law.

  • Tahana, A., Kilgour, J. T., Roa, T., & Joseph, R. (2016). Collaborative Māori governance Te Mana Whatu Ahuru: Blending Mana in the Māori governance space. In Kiingitanga Day, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Joseph, R., Tahana, A., Kilgour, J. T., Mika, J., Rakena, M., & Jeffries, T. P. (2016). Te Pae Tawhiti: Exploring the horizon of Māori economic performance through effective collaboration (prepared for Ngā Pae o Te Māramatanga). Te Mata Hautū Taketake: The Māori and Indigenous Governance Centre. Retrieved from

  • Meredith, P., Joseph, R. A., & Gifford, L. (2016). Ko Rangitikei Te Awa: The Rangitikei River and Its tributaries. Cultural perspectives report. Crown Forestry Rental Trust, Wellington.

  • Joseph, R. A. (2015). ’Indigenous Peoples’ – Self-determination, corpor ate governance and CSR in the second decade of the new millennium. In The 2015 International Conference on International Trade and Business Law. Conference held at Airlangga University, Surabaya, Indonesia.

  • Joseph, R. A. (2015). Maori and Indigenous Peoples' governance. In National Governance Conference 2015 (Governance New Zealand). Conference held at Stamford Plaza, Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Joseph, R. (2014). Submission on the Study on the Impacts of the Doctrine of Discovery on Indigenous Peoples, including Mechanisms, Processes and Instruments of Redress with Reference to UNDRIP and particularly to articles 26-28, 32 & 40; and The Study of Best Practices and Examples in Respect to Resolving Land Disputes and Land Claims, including consideration of the national Commission on Indigenous Peoples (Philippines) and Chittagong Hill Tracts Land Dispute Resolution Commission (Bangladesh) and the Working Group on Indigenous Populations/Communities of the African Commission on Human Rights and Peoples Rights.

  • Fodder, T. A., Davis-Ngatai, P., & Joseph, R. A. (2014). Ka Takahia Ano o Tatou Tapuae: Retracing our steps - A Maori governance literature review. Te Mata Hautu Taketake - Maori and Indigenous Governance Centre.

  • Meredith, P., & Joseph, R. A. (2014). Te Matekanehe o Hemi Kawana ki Te Rohe Pōtae: James Cowan's romance of the Rohe Pōtae. In Cultural Go-Between, Colonial Man: New Perspectives on James Cowan. Conference held at National Library, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Joseph, R. A. (2014). Indigenous Peoples' good governance, human rights and self-determination in the second decade of the new millennium —A Māori perspective. In United Nations Thirteenth Session of the Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. Conference held at United Nations Headquarters, New York, USA.

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