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  • Archard, S. (2017). Nice weather we’re having – The place of ‘Chat’ in nurturing learning relationships between student-teachers and lecturers in online initial teacher education programmes. In 2017 Annual Learning and Teaching Conference. Conference held at the University of York, York, United Kingdon.

  • Archard, S., & Archard, S. (2016). Voices of Playgroup: Connecting pedagogy and understandings of early childhood education. Early Childhood Folio, 20(1), 20-24. doi:10.18296/ecf.0019

  • Archard, S., & Archard, S. (2016). Jessica connects: A case study focussing on one child’s use of information and communication technology (ICT) in an early childhood education setting. In V. Sharma, & A. Brink (Eds.), Childhood Through The Looking Glass (pp. 129-139). Oxford, United Kingdom: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

  • Archard, S. J. B. (2016). The place and space for humour in online initial teacher education programmes. In Humour 1st Global Meeting. Conference held at Mansfield College, Oxford, UK.

  • Edwards, R., & Archard, S. J. B. (2015). Introducing e-portfolios in initial teacher education courses: A tale of two lecturers. In WCELfest 2015, University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Archard, S. J. B. (2015). A pedagogy of listening: Relational connectedness in one online initial teacher education programme. In 2nd Aotearoa New Zealand Childhood Studies Colloquium. University of Otage, Dunedin.

  • Archard, S. J. B., & Archard, S. (2015). A diversity of digital smartness: A case study of children's uses of information and communication technology in an early childhood education setting. In N. Wright, & D. Forbes (Eds.), Digital Smarts: Enhancing Learning & Teaching (pp. 27-40). Wilf Malcolm Institute of Educational Research.

  • Mitchell, L., Meagher-Lundberg, P., Caulcutt, T., Taylor, M., Archard, S., Kara, H., & Paki, V. (2014). ECE Participation Programme Evaluation. Delivery of ECE participation initiatives:
    Stage 2
    . New Zealand: Ministry of Education. Retrieved from

  • Archard, S. J. B., & Archard, S. (2014). Where are all the kids then?. In Early Childhood Education Symposium. Conference held at Waikato University School of Management, Hillcrest Road, Hamilton.

  • Archard, S. J. (2014). Feeling connected: A sense of belonging and social presence in an online community of learners. International Journal of Cyber Ethics in Education, 3(2), 16-28.

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