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  • Sharma, S., & Sanchal, A. (2017). Students’ attitudes towards learning mathematics: Impact of teaching in a sporting context. Teachers and Curriculum, 17(1), 89-99.

  • Sharma, S., & Daly, N. (2017). Motivation and the reciprocal nature of professional learning between New Zealand teachers working with untrained Indian teachers. Waikato Journal of Education, 22(4), 67-77. doi:10.15663/wje.v22i4.370

  • Hawera, N., Wright, N., & Sharma, S. V. (2017). Mathematics education ITE students examining the value of digital learning objects. Teachers and Curriculum, 17(1), 81-87.

  • Sharma, S. (2017). Definitions and models of statistical literacy: a literature review. Open Review of Educational Research, 4(1), 118-133. doi:10.1080/23265507.2017.1354313

  • Sharma, S. (2017). Blurring the boundaries: Teachers as key stakeholders in design-research partnerships for mathematics education. In R. McNae, & B. Cowie (Eds.), Realising Innovative Partnerships in Educational Research (pp. 77-85). Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Sense Publishers.

  • Hawera, N., Sharma, S., & Wright, N. (2017). Initial teacher education students’ reasons for using digital learning objects when teaching mathematics. In A. Downton, S. Livy, & J. Hall (Eds.), Proceedings of the 40th Annual Conference of the Mathematics Education Research Group of Australasia (pp. 293-300). Adelaide, Australia: MERGA Inc..

  • Sharma, S. V. (2016). Language barriers in statistics education: Some findings from Fiji. International Journal of Learning, Teaching, and Educational Research, 15(8), 23-34.

  • Jourdain, L., & Sharma, S. (2016). Language challenges in mathematics education: A literature review. Waikato Journal of Education, 21(2), 43-56. Retrieved from

  • Sharma, S. (2016). Probability from a socio-cultural perspective. Statistics Education Research Journal, 15(2), 126-144.

  • Sharma, S. V. (2015). Language barriers in mathematics eduation: Some findings from Fiji. In C. Visto Yu (Ed.), EARCOME 7. In pursuit of quality Mathematics education for all: Proceeding of teh 7th ICMI-East Asia Regional Conference on Mathematics Education (pp. 543-555). Philippine Council of Mathematics Teacher Educators (MATHTED) Inc.

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