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  • Bano, S., & Tabbada, J. (2017). The employment effects of regional integration: A case study of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). In NZARES 2017 Conference. Rotorua, New Zealand.

  • Tabbada, J., & Bano, S. (2017). Do member countries benefit from economic integration? A case study of ASEAN. In E. E. A. Co, & C. C. Tabunda (Eds.), The ASEAN Drama: Half a Century and Still Unfolding (pp. 121-165). Philippines: University of the Philippines Center for Integrative and Development Studies.

  • Bano, S., & Paswan, N. K. (2016). New Zealand-India trade relations and growth potential: An empirical analysis. India Quarterly: A Journal of International Affairs, 72(1), 50-74. doi:10.1177/0974928415618754

  • Bano, S. (2015). Opportunities and obstacles to the widening and deepening of economic integration: ASEAN perspectives. In International Conference Euro-Asia Cooperation or Competition Reflections and Global Perspectives (pp. 8 pages).

  • Bano, S., & Scrimgeour, F. (2015). Bilateral trade between New Zealand and India: Patterns and prospects. FPRC Journal, 3, 101-118.

  • Bano, S., & Tabbada, J. (2015). Foreign direct investment outflows : Asian developing countries. Journal of Economic Integration, 30(2), 359-398. doi:10.11130/jei.2015.30.2.359

  • Bano, S. (2015). The role of New Zealand in regional integration. FPRC Journal, 3, 132-154.

  • Bano, S., & Scrimgeour, F. (2015). Exploring the trade potential in agricultural and manufactured products and economic cooperation between New Zealand and India. In 25th International Conference of the International Trade and Finance Association (pp. 45 pages). Sarasota, Florida.

  • Bano, S. (2015). Determinants of horizontal and marginal intra-industry trade: Evidence from ASEAN-Australia and New Zealand. In 25th International Conference of the International Finance and Trade Association (pp. 38 pages). Sarasota, Florida.

  • Bano, S., & Tabbada, J. (2015). ASEAN economic integration: The quest for competitiveness. In ASEAN Integration: Status, Issues and Prospects (pp. 91-137). Development Academy of the Phillippines.

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