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  • Hurd, F., & Dyer, S. (2017). Mutualism beyond the mutual: The collective development of a New Zealand single industry town hospital. Labour History, 112, 45-60.

  • Hurd, F., & Dyer, S. (2017). Perfect storm or serendipity: The decline of coal mining, an oil crisis, 'Think Big' and the development of New Zealand's largest power station. In 9th Annual Conference of the Association of Academic Historians in Australian and New Zealand Business Schools. Sydney, Australia.

  • Dyer, S., Xu, Y., & Sinha, P. (2017). Migration: A means to create work–life balance?*. Journal of Management and Organization, online, 16 pages. doi:10.1017/jmo.2016.70

  • Hurd, F., & Dyer, S. (2017). “We’re all in this together”? The search for collective belonging in a globalised single industry town. International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy, 37(1/2), 106-122. doi:10.1108/IJSSP-08-2015-0089

  • Hurd, F., & Dyer, S. (2016). Mutuality in the labour movement: The collective development of a NZ single industry town hospital. In 8th Annual Conference of AAHANZBS (pp. 32 pages). Sydney, Australia.

  • Dyer, S., & Hurd, F. (2016). Changing perceptions about feminists and (still not) claiming a feminist identity. Gender and Education, online, 15 pages. doi:10.1080/09540253.2016.1216524

  • Xu, D., Ryan, C., & Dyer, S. L. (2016). Millennials in the Chinese hospitality industry: An analysis of a predisposition to leave jobs and the industry. In 2016 New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference (pp. 7 pages). Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Dyer, S., & Hurd, F. (2016). Perceptions of sexual harassment: Reflections from the classroom. In Gender and Diversity: Critical Perspectives (pp. 5-6). Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Sinha, P., Akoorie, M., Dyer, S., & Ho, A. -H. (2015). Globalisation and skilled immigrants: The role of emotional labour. In Australia and New Zealand International Business Academy (ANZIBA) Annual Conference (pp. 26 pages). Melbourne, Australia.

  • Dyer, S., & Hurd, F. (2015). What's going on? Developing reflexivity in the management classroom: From surface to deep learning and everything else in between.. Academy of Management Learning & Education, 15(2), 287-303. doi:10.5465/amle.2014.0104

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