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Publications BySLAUGHTER, Tracey E

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  • Slaughter, T. (2017). Ladybirds. In Landfall - 70th Anniversary Issue (Iss. 233, pp. 95-100). [story]. University of Otago Press. Retrieved from

  • Slaughter, T. (2017). Dorm. In Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction: National flash fiction day. [short story].

  • Slaughter, T. E. (2017). Stadium Drei – (Erzahlung) (‘Stage Three’- (narrative)). In Lichtungen Journal of Literature, Art and Time Criticism (Iss. 151, pp. 146-148). [short story]. Association for Literature & Art, in cooperation with the Academy Graz.

  • Slaughter, T. (2017). Cicada motel. In Sport 45 (Iss. 45, pp. 27-33). [short story]. Wellington: Victoria University Press.

  • Slaughter, T. (2016). Editorial: A workshop has six to ten hearts. Mayhem, (4), 1-2. Retrieved from

  • Slaughter, T. (2016). Adventures of the girl who didn't get away (IKA Journal). In IKA Journal (Iss. 4, pp. 3-6). [short story]. New Zealand: Manukau Institute of Technology.

  • Slaughter, T. (2016). My Literary inspiration: Tracey Slaughter (ARTicle). New Zealand Festival. Retrieved from

  • Slaughter, T. (2016). Interview with Tracey Slaughter (These Rough Notes). Victoria University of Wellington Press. Retrieved from

  • Slaughter, T. (2016). Ashdown place. In S. Andrew, & J. Gracewood (Eds.), Tell You What: Great New Zealand Nonfiction 2017 (pp. 174-186). Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland University Press.

  • Slaughter, T. (2016). Scenes of a long-term nature. In H. Jin (Ed.), An Encounter in the Global Village: Selected Stories from the 14th International Conference on the Short Stories in English (pp. 60-69). [short story]. Shanghai: East China Normal University Press.

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