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Publications ByKUKUTAI, Tahu H

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  • Kukutai, T. (2017). Indigenous data sovereignty: Opportunities and challenges. In Te Ritorito 2017: Towards whanau, hapu and iwi wellbeing. Conference held at Pipitea Marae, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Kukutai, T., Sporle, A., & Roskruge, M. (2017). Subjective whānau wellbeing in Te Kupenga. Wellington, New Zealand: Families Commission: Superu Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit. Retrieved from

  • Kukutai, T., & Taylor, J. (2017). Introduction to ID-Sov: The international context. In Indigenous Data Sovereignty and Governance Masterclass. Conference held at the Australian Indigenous Governance Institute, Brisbane, Australia.

  • Hudson, M., Kukutai, T., & Cormack, D. (2017). Data for governance: governance of data. In Te Puni Kokiri, Wellington, New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Kukutai, T., & Webber, M. (2017). Ka Pu Te Ruha, Ka Hao Te Rangatahi: Maori identities in the twenty-first century. In A. Bell, V. Elizabeth, T. McIntosh, & M. Wynyard (Eds.), A Land of Milk and Honey? Making Sense of Aotearoa New Zealand (pp. 71-82). Auckland, New Zealand: Auckland University Press.

  • Kukutai, T. (2017). Maori Data Sovereignty. In Kingitanga Day, University of Waikato.

  • Kukutai, T., & Rata, A. (2017). From mainstream to manaaki: Indigenising our approach to immigration. In D. Hall (Ed.), Fair Borders? Migration Policy in the Twenty-First Century (pp. 26-44). Wellington, New Zealand: Bridget Williams Books.

  • Kukutai, T., & Hudson, M. L. (2017). Maori data sovereignty: Directions and challenges. In 12th Annual National Congress of American Indians (NCAI) Tribal Leader/Scholar Forum. Conference held at Uncasville, Connecticut, USA.

  • Kukutai, T., Hudson, M., & Cormack, D. (2017). Indigenous and Māori Data Sovereignty: Overview. In Te Puni Kokiri, Wellington, New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Kukutai, T. H., & Broman, P. (2016). From colonial categories to local culture: Evolving state practices of ethnic enumeration in Oceania, 1965-2014. Ethnicities, 16(5), 689-711. doi:10.1177/1468796815603755

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