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  • Toki, V. (2017). Maori seeking self-determination or Tino Rangatiratanga? A note. Journal of Maori and Indigenous Issues, 5, 134-144.

  • Toki, V. (2017). Legal responses to mental health: Is therapeutic jurisprudence the answer – the experience in New Zealand. Journal of Ethics in Mental Health, 10, 1-18.

  • Toki, V. (2017). The fragile rights of the Pacific indigenous peoples. New Zealand Law Journal, 9, 338-342.

  • Beaton, A., Hudson, M., Milne, M., Port, R. V., Russell, K., Smith, B., . . . Wihongi, H. (2017). Engaging Māori in biobanking and genomic research: a model for biobanks to guide culturally informed governance, operational, and community engagement activities. Genetics in Medicine, 19(3), 345-351. doi:10.1038/gim.2016.111

  • Durie, E. T., Joseph, R., Erueti, A., & Toki, V. (2017). The waters of the Maori: Maori law and state law: The waters of the Maori: Maori law and state law.

  • Toki, V. (2017). Tikanga Maori - a traditional knowledge system. In N. P. Stoianoff (Ed.), Indigenous Knowledge Forum – Comparative Systems for Recognising and Protecting Indigenous Knowledge and Culture (pp. 457-483). Australia: LexisNexis.

  • Hudson, M., Russell, K., Uerata, L., Milne, M., Wilcox, P., Port, R. V., . . . Beaton, A. (2016). Te Mata Ira—Faces of the Gene: Developing a cultural foundation for biobanking and genomic research involving Māori. AlterNative: An International Journal of Indigenous Peoples, 12(4), 341-355. doi:10.20507/AlterNative.2016.12.4.1

  • Hudson, M., Southey, K., Uerata, L., Beaton, A., Milne, M., Russell, K., . . . Port, W. (2016). Key informant views on biobanking and genomic research with māori. New Zealand Medical Journal, 129(1447), 29-42.

  • Toki, V. (2016). Study on the relationship between indigenous peoples
    and the Pacific Ocean. In Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues Fifteenth Session. Conference held United Nations, New York. Retrieved from

  • Toki, V. (2016). West Papua - decolonisation through a United Nations lens. New Zealand Law Journal, (9), 341-343.

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