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  • Guo, A., Li-an Shih, A., Tang, J., Fu, J., Li, J., Huang, L., . . . Wang, X. (2017). Treaty of Waitangi (Chinese simplified). In The Treaty Times Thirty: Translating the Treaty of Waitangi into Thirty Languages (pp. 25-26). The New Zealand Society of Translators and Interpreters. Retrieved from

  • Wang, X. (2016). [Keynote] Can we teach translation in the classroom?. In The Second International Conference on Globalization: Challenges for Translators and Interpreters. Conference held at Jinan University, China.

  • Wang, X. (2015). The new 'normal' in China's foreign policy. In China-US Relations in Global Perspective. Conference held at Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Wang, X. (2015). President Xi Jinpings' governance: Opportunities for New Zealand. In One-day Oceania Forum: President Xi Jinping’s Governance: Opportunities for New Zealand, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Wang, X. (2013). A new model of international relations: The case of Prime Minister John Key's recent visit to China. In One-day Oceania China Forum, University of Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Wang, X. (2008). Olympic games - 2008 Beijing. In University and High School students, Sports Clubs and New Zealand China Friendship Society, UNKNOWN.

  • Wang, X. (2008). Illustrated lecture on Tibet, the Dalai Lama and the Olympics. In New Zealand Institute of International Affairs, Waikato Branch, Waikato, New Zealand. Retrieved from

  • Lu, D., & Wang, X. (2007). Language dominance and language spread. In 1st Halliday Centre for Intelligent Applications of Language Studies (HCLS) Conference. Becoming a World Language: the growth of Chinese, English and Spanish. Conference held at Kowloon, Hong Kong.

  • Wang, X. (2006). E-learning, E-teaching and E-evaluation. In 3rd PacCall Annual Conference. Globalization and Localization of CALL. Conference held at Nanjing, China.

  • Wang, X. (2005). 1) The differences between two educational systems: China vs. NZ, 2) The impression as a teaching staff of the perfomance of chinese international students on university campus, 3) Comments on some textbooks and testing methods issues. In Oriental TV, Shanghai China.

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