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  • Macdonald, F. (2017). [Review of Magic: A theory from the South, by Ernesto De
    Martino]. Anthropological Forum, 27(2), 173-175. doi:10.1080/00664677.2016.1265279

  • Macdonald, F., & Kirami, J. (2017). Women, mobile phones, and M16s: Contemporary New Guinea Highlands warfare. The Australian Journal of Anthropology, 28, 104-119. doi:10.1111/taja.12175

  • Macdonald, F. (2017). Cosmology and crisis in Oksapmin, Papua New Guinea. Oceania, 87(2), 156-172. doi:10.1002/ocea.5157

  • Macdonald, F. (2017). Of Drums and Gods: 'Tradition' and Christianity in Oksapmin Church Soundscapes. In Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania (ASAO); Sounds of the Pacific panel. Kaua'i, Hawaii.

  • Macdonald, F. (2017). [Review of Critical Christianity: Translation and denominational conflict in Papua New Guinea by Courtney Handman]. American Ethnologist, 44(2), 370-371.

  • Macdonald, F. (2016). Ontology, magic, and El Nino: Perspectives on drought from Oksapmin, Papua New Guinea. In International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (IUAES): World anthropologies and privatization of knowledge: engaging anthropology in public. Conference held at Dubrovnik, Croatia.

  • Macdonald, F. (2016). From blood to oil: Mining, cosmology, and human sacrifice in Central New Guinea. Oceania, 86(1), 40-56. doi:10.1002/ocea.5114

  • Macdonald, F. (2015). ‘Lucifer is behind me’: The diabolisation of Oksapmin witchcraft as negative cosmological integration. The Asia Pacific Journal of Anthropology, 16(5), 464-480. doi:10.1080/14442213.2015.1056544?journalCode=rtap20

  • Macdonald, F. (2014). 'Always been Christian': Mythic conflation among the Oksapmin of Papua New Guinea. Anthropological Forum, 24(2), 175-196. doi:10.1080/00664677.2014.886997

  • Macdonald, F. (2013). Christianity and culture change among the Oksapmin of Papua New Guinea. (PhD Thesis, The Australian National University). Retrieved from

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