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Research Publications for Stiliana R (Stella) Raynova

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Author's Publications

Publications ByRAYNOVA, Stiliana R (Stella)

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  • Gabbitas, B. L., Yang, F., Raynova, S., & Jia, M. T. (2014). Cost effective forging of titanium alloy parts and their mechanical properties. In Advanced Materials Research Vol. 1019 (pp. 3-10). doi:10.4028/

  • Zhang, D., Jia, M., Raynova, S., Yang, F., & Gabbitas, B. (2013). Enhancing the cost effectiveness of high performance titanium alloy component production by powder metallurgy. In WaiCAM Symposium 2013 (pp. 3). Hamilton, New Zealand.

  • Sichone, K., Zhang, D. L., & Raynova, S. (2013). Factors Affecting the Separation of Ti-Al Alloy in the TiPro Process. Key Engineering Materials, 551, 44-54. doi:10.4028/

  • Raynova, S., Zhang, D., & Gabbitas, B. (2012). Tensile properties of Ti-6Al-4V discs produced by open die powder compact forging of pre-alloyed HDH powders. In Powder Metallurgy of Titanium (pp. 289-294). Conference held at (Conference held 2011. Brisbane, Australia): Trans Tech Publications.

  • Zhang, D., Muhktar, A., Nadakuduru, V. N., & Raynova, S. (2012). The possibility of synthesizing bulk nanostructured or ultrafine structured metallic materials by consolidation of powders using high strain powder compact forging. International Journal of Materials Research, 2009/12, 1720-1726. doi:10.3139/146.110235

  • Thavanayagam, G., Zhang, D., Pickering, K., & Raynova, S. (2012). A study of polyvinyl butyryl based binder system in Titanium based metal injection moulding. Key Engineering Materials, 520, 167-173. doi:10.4028/

  • Raynova, S., Zhang, D., Vondeju, L., Borrys, A., & Requiez, J. (2012). Aqueous Binder for Powder Injection Moulding (PIM) of Ti and Ti-6A1-4V Alloy Powders. In L. Zhou, H. Chang, Y. Lu, & D. Xu (Eds.), Ti-2011: Proceedings of the 12th World Conference on Titanium Vol. III (pp. 1775-1778). Nonferrous Met Soc China, Beijing, People's Republic of China: Science Press Beijing. Retrieved from

  • Thavanayagam, G., Zhang, D. L., Raynova, S., & Pickering, K. L. (2011). A study of polyvinyl butyryl based binder system in titanium based metal injection moulding. In Powder Processing, Consolidation and Metallurgy of Titanium. Conference held at Brisbane, Australia.

  • Gabbitas, B., Cao, P., Raynova, S., & Zhang, D. (2011). Microstructural evolution during mechanical milling of Ti/Al powder mixture and production of intermetallic TiAl cathode target. Journal of Materials Science, 47(3), 1234-1243. doi:10.1007/s10853-011-5886-9

  • Raynova, S., Zhang, D. L., Polo, D., Gonthier, L., Egea, W., & Nadakuduru, V. N. (2011). Tensile Properties and Fracture Behaviour of Induction Sintered Ti and Ti-6Al-4V (wt %) Powder Compacts. Advanced Materials Research, 275, 196-199. doi:10.4028/

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