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Research Publications for Adrian Pittari

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Publications ByPITTARI, Adrian

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  • Pittari, A., Cas, R. A. F., Lefebvre, N., & Kurszlaukis, S. (2015). Alteration Styles in the Orion Central Volcanic Complex, Fort a la Corne Kimberlite Field, Saskatchewan, and Their Effects on Primary Volcaniclastic Textures: Implications for Facies Mapping and Diamond Exploration. Economic Geology, 110(1), 147-171. doi:10.2113/econgeo.110.1.147

  • Pittari, A. (2015). Review of IUGG 2015 post-conference two-day field trip on monogenetic volcanism in the Bohemian Paradise. IAVCEI News, 3-4, 6-8.

  • Kapasi, A., Pittari, A., Lowe, D. J., & Miller, K. (2015). Preliminary volcanic history of lavas and vent structures at the Bombay Quarry, South Auckland Volcanic Field. In Annual Conference of the Geoscience Society of New Zealand: Zealandia in space and time. Conference held at Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Efford, J. T., Bylsma, R. J., Clarkson, B. D., Pittari, A., Mauriohooho, K., & Moon, V. G. (2014). Vegetation dieback as a proxy for temperature within a wet pyroclastic density current: A novel experiment and observations from the 6th of August 2012 Tongariro eruption. Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research, 286, 367-372. doi:10.1016/j.jvolgeores.2014.05.016

  • Lowe, D. J., & Pittari, A. (2014). An ashy septingentenarian: the Kaharoa tephra turns 700 (with notes on its volcanological, archaeological, and historical importance). Geoscience Society of New Zealand Newsletter, 13, 35-46.

  • Loame, R. C., Pittari, A., & Bishop, M. A. (2014). Evidence of Late Amazonian volcanism in the Hydraotes Chaos Basin, Mars: A GIS study. In Geosciences 2014 Conference. New Plymouth, New Zealand.

  • Pittari, A., Matheson, M. A., Briggs, R. M., & Rosenberg, M. D. (2014). Basalt ‘cricket’ balls and shattered rhyolite; Eruption dynamics of a basaltic tuff succession at Kinloch, Taupo Volcanic Centre. In Geosciences 2014 Conference. New Plymouth, New Zealand.

  • Mullane, K., Pittari, A., Gorman, A., & Fox, B. (2014). A geophysical study of the Kellyville and Onewhero maar craters in the South Auckland Volcanic Field. In Geosciences 2014 Conference. New Plymouth, New Zealand.

  • Pittari, A., & George, J. (2013). Geoscience Society of New Zealand 2012 Conference: Conference Report. Hamilton: University of Waikato.

  • Brink, M., Pittari, A., & Briggs, R. (2013). Pyroclastic flow dynamics associated with recently-exposed upright tree stumps within the 232 AD Taupo ignimbrite, Waipa Valley, southeast of Te Kuiti.. In C. M. Reid, & A. Wandres (Eds.), Geoscience Miscellaneous Publication 136A, Geoscience 2013 Conference. Conference held at Christchurch, New Zealnd.

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