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Research Publications for Christopher H (Chris) Lusk

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Publications ByLUSK, Christopher H (Chris)

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  • Kpodonu, A. T. N. K., Hamilton, D. P., Hartland, A., Laughlin, D., & Lusk, C. H. (2016). Coupled use of sediment phosphorus speciation and pigment composition to infer phytoplankton phenology over 700 years in a deep oligotrophic lake. Biogeochemistry, Online, 16 pages. doi:10.1007/s10533-016-0227-3

  • Atkin, O. K., Bloomfield, K. J., Reich, P. B., Tjoelker, M. G., Asner, G. P., Bonal, D., . . . Zaragoza-Castells, J. (2015). Global variability in leaf respiration in relation to climate, plant functional types and leaf traits. New Phytologist, 206(2), 614-636. doi:10.1111/nph.13253

  • Lusk, C. H., Jorgensen, M. A., & Bellingham, P. J. (2015). A conifer-angiosperm divergence in the growth vs. shade tolerance trade-off underlies the dynamics of a New Zealand warm-temperate rain forest. Journal of Ecology, 103(2), 479-488. doi:10.1111/1365-2745.12368

  • Sendall, K. M., Lusk, C. H., & Reich, P. B. (2015). Becoming less tolerant with age: sugar maple, shade, and ontogeny. Oecologia, online, 11 pages. doi:10.1007/s00442-015-3428-x

  • Falster, D. S., Duursma, R. A., Ishihara, M. I., Barneche, D. R., FitzJohn, R. G., Vårhammar, A., . . . York, R. A. (2015). Metadata class I. Data set descriptors. Ecology, 96(5). doi:10.1890/141889.1

  • Lusk, C. (2015). Editorial from the new Senior Editor. New Zealand Journal of Botany, 53(1), 2-4. doi:10.1080/0028825X.2014.1000342

  • Lusk, C. H., Jimenez-Castillo, M., Aragon, R., Easdale, T., Poorter, L., Felipe Hinojosa, L., & Mason, N. (2015). Testing for functional convergence of temperate rainforest tree and shrub assemblages in New Zealand and Chile. In New Zealand Ecological Society 2015 conference. Held at University of Canterbury, Christchurch, New Zealand.

  • Sendall, K. M., Lusk, C. H., & Reich, P. B. (2015). Trade-offs in juvenile growth potential vs. shade tolerance among subtropical rain forest trees on soils of contrasting fertility. Functional Ecology, Online. doi:10.1111/1365-2435.12573

  • Lusk, C. H., & Clearwater, M. J. (2015). Leaf temperatures of divaricate and broadleaved tree species during a frost in a North Island lowland forest remnant, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Botany, 53(4), 202-209. doi:10.1080/0028825X.2015.1086390

  • Lusk, C. H., Overton, J., McGlone, M., & Clarkson, B. D. (2014). Species richness of divaricate plants is strongly correlated with present-day environmental factors. In New Zealand Ecological Society Annual Conference. Palmerston North, New Zealand. Retrieved from

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