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Research Publications for Kim L Pickering

Research is a vital function of the Waikato's School of Science and Engineering. There are many active research groups within the School, spanning a wide range of topics.

Author's Publications

Publications ByPICKERING, Kim L

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  • Pickering, K. L., Le, T. M., & Le, T. M. (2016). High performance aligned short natural fibre - Epoxy composites. Composites Part B: Engineering, 85, 123-129. doi:10.1016/j.compositesb.2015.09.046

  • Pickering, K. L., & Aruan Efendy, M. G. (2016). Preparation and mechanical properties of novel bio-composite made of dynamically sheet formed discontinuous harakeke and hemp fibre mat reinforced PLA composites for structural applicationsK. Industrial Crops and Products, 84, 139-150. doi:10.1016/j.indcrop.2016.02.005

  • Efendy, M. G. A., & Pickering, K. L. (2016). Fibre orientation of novel dynamically sheet formed discontinuous natural fibre PLA composites. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 90, 82-89. doi:10.1016/j.compositesa.2016.07.003

  • Khimi, S. R., & Pickering, K. L. (2015). Comparison of dynamic properties of magnetorheological elastomers with existing antivibration rubbers. Composites Part B: Engineering, 83, 175-183. doi:10.1016/j.compositesb.2015.08.033

  • Beckermann, G., & Pickering, K. (2015). Mode I and Mode II Interlaminar Fracture Toughness of Composite Laminates Interleaved with Electrospun Nanofibre Veils. Composites Part A: Applied Science and Manufacturing, 11-21. doi:10.1016/j.compositesa.2015.01.028

  • Shuib, R. K., Pickering, K. L., & Mace, B. R. (2015). Dynamic Properties of Magnetorheological Elastomers Based on Iron Sand and Natural Rubber. JOURNAL OF APPLIED POLYMER SCIENCE, 132(8), 13 pages. doi:10.1002/app.41506

  • Smith, M., Verbeek, C. J. R., Lay, M., & Pickering, K. (2015). Impact modified protein-based thermoplastics. In The 31st International Conference of the Polymer Processing Society (pp. 434). Jeju, Korea.

  • Hartland, A., Lee, K. C., Pickering, K., Zhang, Y., Barker, S., & Cary, S. C. (2015). Corrosion of the Ohau Channel diversion wall: Corrosion of the Ohau Channel diversion wall (ERI Report No. 50). Environmental Research Institute.

  • Tan, M. L., & Pickering, K. L. (2015). The potential of harakeke fibre as reinforcement in polymer matrix composites including modelling of long harakeke fibre composite strength. COMPOSITES PART A-APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING, 76, 44-53. doi:10.1016/j.compositesa.2015.05.005

  • McDonald-Wharry., Manley-Harris, M., & Pickering, K. L. (2015). A comparison of the charring and carbonisation of oxygen-rich precursors with the thermal reduction of graphene oxide. Philosophical Magazine, Online. doi:10.1080/14786435.2015.1108525

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