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Research Publications for Carolyn M (Carolyn (Kim)) King

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Author's Publications

Publications ByKING, Carolyn M (Carolyn (Kim))

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  • King, C. (2017). Liberation and spread of stoats (Mustela erminea) and weasels (M. nivalis) in New Zealand, 1883 - 1920. New Zealand Journal of Ecology, 41(2), 163-177. doi:10.20417/nzjecol.41.29

  • King, C. M. (2017). Contemporary observations of predation on the buff weka (Gallirallus australis hectori) by ferrets in the South Island during the nineteenth century. Notornis, 64(1), 52-55. Retrieved from

  • Cooper, A., Kelly, C. L., King, C. M., Miller, S. D., & Patty, B. (2017). Do rats mind getting their feet dirty? Observing the behaviour of ship rats (Rattus rattus) towards footprint tracking tunnels. New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 1-12. doi:10.1080/03014223.2017.1361455

  • King, C. M. (2017). Pandora’s box down-under: origins and numbers of mustelids transported to New Zealand for biological control of rabbits. Biological Invasions, 13 pages. doi:10.1007/s10530-017-1392-6

  • King, C. M. (2017). Ambitious proposals have a long history: which ones worked and why?. In Crazy & Ambitious: Not Your Usual National Meeting. Conference held at Te Papa, Wellington, New Zealand.

  • Eason, C. T., Shapiro, L., Ogilvie, S., King, C., & Clout, M. (2017). Trends in the development of mammalian pest control technology in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Zoology, 38 pages. doi:10.1080/03014223.2017.1337645

  • King, C. M. (2017). Mustelids. In Predator Free NZ and Wild for Taranaki Predator Workshop. Conference held in New Plymouth District Council Chambers, New Plymouth, New Zealand.

  • King, C., Alexander, A., Chubb, T., Cursons, R., MacKay, J., McCormick, H., . . . Zhang, H. (2016). What can the geographic distribution of mtDNA haplotypes tell us about the invasion of New Zealand by house mice Mus musculus?. Biological Invasions, 18(6), 1551-1565. doi:10.1007/s10530-016-1100-y

  • King, C. M. (2016). A brief review of device-shyness and its effects on pest management. In New lure, deterrent and bait technologies - Science to development, formulation and market. Conference held at The Majestic Centre, Wellington, New Zealand: Centre for Biodiversity and Restoration Ecology.

  • Innes, J., King, C. M., Bartlam, S., Fitzgerald, N., & Breedt, B. (2016). Ship and Norway rats in urban and pastoral landscapes. In The Society for Ecological Restoration Australasia (SERA) & the New Zealand Ecological Society (NZES) Joint Conference. Conference held at Claudelands Events Centre, Hamilton, New Zealand.

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