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Research Publications for Richard C Price

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Publications ByPRICE, Richard C

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  • Price, R. C., Smith, I. E. M., Maas, R., & Stewart, R. B. (2017). Sub-volcanic xenoliths from Raoul Volcano: a window on petrogenetic processes in an intra-oceanic subduction system. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 60(2), 89-111. doi:10.1080/00288306.2016.1275708

  • Waight, T. E., Troll, V. R., Gamble, J. A., Price, R. C., & Chadwick, J. P. (2017). Hf isotope evidence for variable slab input and crustal addition in basalts and andesites of the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand. Lithos, 284-285, 222-236. doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2017.04.009

  • Tost, M., Price, R. C., Cronin, S. J., & Smith, I. E. M. (2016). New insights into the evolution of the magmatic system of a composite andesite volcano revealed by clasts from distal mass-flow deposits: Ruapehu volcano, New Zealand. Bulletin of Volcanology, 78(5), 22 pages. doi:10.1007/s00445-016-1030-7

  • Price, R. C., Smith, I. E. M., Stewart, R. B., Gamble, J. A., Gruender, K., & Maas, R. (2016). High-K andesite petrogenesis and crustal evolution: Evidence from mafic and ultramafic xenoliths, Egmont Volcano (Mt. Taranaki) and comparisons with Ruapehu Volcano, North Island, New Zealand. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta, 185, 328-357. doi:10.1016/j.gca.2015.12.009

  • Price, R. C., Mortimer, N., Smith, I. E. M., & Maas, R. (2015). Whole-rock geochemical reference data for Torlesse and Waipapa terranes, North Island, New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of Geology and Geophysics, 17 pages. doi:10.1080/00288306.2015.1026832

  • Martin, A. P., Price, R. C., Cooper, A. F., & McCammon, C. A. (2015). Petrogenesis of the rifted Southern Victoria Land lithospheric mantle, Antarctica, inferred from petrography, geochemistry, thermobarometry and oxybarometry of peridotite and pyroxenite xenoliths from the Mount Morning eruptive centre. Journal of Petrology, 56(1), 193-226. doi:10.1093/petrology/egu075

  • Tost, M., Cronin, S. J., Procter, J. N., Smith, I. E. M., Neall, V. E., & Price, R. C. (2015). Impacts of catastrophic volcanic collapse on the erosion and morphology of a distal fluvial landscape: Hautapu River, Mount Ruapehu, New Zealand. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 127(1-2), 266-280. doi:10.1130/B31010.1

  • Price, R. C., Nicholls, I. A., & Day, A. (2014). Lithospheric influences on magma compositions of late Mesozoic and Cenozoic intraplate basalts (the Older Volcanics) of Victoria, south-eastern Australia. Lithos, 206-207. doi:10.1016/j.lithos.2014.07.027

  • Brenna, M., Price, R. C., Cronin, S. J., Smith, I. E. M., Sohn, Y. K., Kim, G., & Maas, R. (2014). Final magma storage depth modulation of explosivity and trachyte-phonolite genesis at an intraplate volcano: a Case Study from Ulleung Island, South Korea. Journal of Petrology, 55(4), 709-747. doi:10.1093/petrology/egu004

  • Martin, A. P., Price, R. C., & Cooper, A. F. (2014). Constraints on the composition, source and petrogenesis of plagioclase-bearing mantle peridotite. Earth Science Reviews, 138, 89-101. doi:10.1016/j.earscirev.2014.08.006

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