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Research Publications for Vicki G Moon

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Author's Publications

Publications ByMOON, Vicki G

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  • Kluger, M. O., Moon, V. G., Kreiter, S., Lowe, D. J., Churchman, G. J., Hepp, D. A., . . . Mörz, T. (2017). A new attraction-detachment model for explaining flow sliding in clay-rich tephras. Geology, 45(2), 131-134. doi:10.1130/G38560.1

  • De Lange, W. P., & Moon, V. G. (2017). Shoreline changes for southeastern Matakana Island (Panepane Point) following capital dredging (2015-16): Shoreline changes for southeastern Matakana Island (Panepane Point) following capital dredging (2015-16) (Environmental Research Institute Report No 95). Hamilton, New Zealand: Environmental Research Institute, University of Waikato. Retrieved from

  • De Lange, W., & Moon, V. (2016). Volcanic generation of tsunamis: Two New Zealand palaeo-events. In G. Lamarche, J. Mountjoy, S. Bull, T. Hubble, S. Krastel, E. Lane, . . . S. Woelz (Eds.), Submarine Mass Movements and their Consequences (pp. 559-567). Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-20979-1_56

  • Jorat, M. E., Moon, V. G., Hepp, D. A., Kreiter, S., De Lange, W. P., Feldmann, S., & Mörz, T. (2016). Subseafloor investigation of sediments at Southern Tauranga Harbour, New Zealand, before capital dredging.. Journal of Coastal Research, 33(2), 227-242. doi:10.2112/JCOASTRES-D-15-00208.1

  • Du, Z., Balks, M., Moon, V., Page, P., Winter, R., & Cunningham, L. (2016). Subsidence characterisation for a proposed concrete shaft using a 250 m deep inclinometer borehole, Huntly East Coalmine, New Zealand. In Proceedings of the 5th International Conference on Geotechnical and Geophysical Site Characterisation, ISC 2016 Vol. 2 (pp. 1327-1330).

  • De Lange, W. P., de Groot, N. P. H. M., & Moon, V. G. (2016). Burial and degradation of Rena oil within coastal sediments of the Bay of Plenty. New Zealand Journal of Marine and Freshwater Research, 50(1), 159-172. doi:10.1080/00288330.2015.1062401

  • Kluger, M. O., Kreiter, S., L'Heureux, J. -S., Stegmann, S., Moon, V. G., & Morz, T. (2016). In situ cyclic softening of marine silts by vibratory CPTU at Orkdalsfjord Test Site, Mid Norway. In Editors: Lamarche, G., Mountjoy, J., Bull, S., Hubble, T., Krastel, S., Lane, E., Micallef, A., Moscardelli, L., Mueller, C., Pecher, I., Woelz, S. (Eds.) (Ed.), Submarine Mass Movements and their Consequences. 7th International Symposium (41 ed., pp. 201-209). Springer International Publishing. doi:10.1007/978-3-319-20979-1_20

  • Noyes, A. M., Balks, M. R., Moon, V. G., & Lowe, D. J. (2016). Soil recovery following landsliding at Whatawhata Research Station, Waikato, New Zealand: preliminary results. In Proceedings of Hill Country Symposium 2016 (pp. 83-88). Rotorua: New Zealand Grassland Association, New Zealand Society of Animal Production, and New Zealand Grassland Trust.

  • Moon, V. G., & De Lange, W. P. (2016). Interim Report on EQC Potential shallow seismic sources in the Hamilton Basin Project.

  • Moon, V. G., De Lange, W. P., & Cummins, M. J. H. (2016). Movement on hidden faults within the Hamilton Basin. In School of Science Seminar, University of Waikato.

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