Health & Safety Policy

The University of Waikato has developed a number of Health and Safety policies and guidelines which can be found online on the Employment and HR Matters page of the Official Information Index.

You are not expected to have read all of this documentation, but need a basic understanding of what policies exist and their intention. Here is the list of key policies. There will be a question about this in the quiz at the end of the module, so keep this in mind.

Occupational Health and Safety in Employment Policy - The over-arching policy statement which spells out various health and safety responsibilities for managers and staff, including the overall responsibility of the Vice-Chancellor as employer.

Accident Reporting Policy - This policy requires staff to report accidents (and incidents or near miss accidents) and their line manager to investigate.

Children on Campus Policy - Designed to provide a framework for the proper supervision of children who are brought onto campus by their parents (whether staff, students or visitors). This policy gives managers and teaching staff the right to exclude children from the workplace or teaching spaces if their presence creates a hazard to others or may be dangerous for the child.

Employee Participation in Health and Safety Policy - This sets up a system for the election and appointment of Health and Safety Representatives and establishment of a Health and Safety Forum and local Health and Safety groups. The election of local Health and Safety Representatives takes place from time to time as new representatives are needed and is advertised in the Official Circular.

Note that a University Health and Safety Forum meets regularly and local Health and Safety Representatives pass on and maintain information around health and safety through tearoom notice boards. Find out who your local Health and Safety Representative is and where information is posted.

Rehabilitation Policy - Creates a framework to assist staff to return to work after a serious accident or illness.

Safe Driving Policy - Ensures that staff using university, rental or their own vehicles on university business are properly licensed and demonstrate safe driving and other good road safety habits.

Smoke Free Policy - States that all university grounds, buildings and vehicles are smoke free areas and than non-smokers are protected from second-hand cigarette smoke while on campus. Any campus user may ask anyone infringing the policy to stop and smokers are expected to co-operate.

Where would you find links to these policies?

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