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Delegated Responsibilities

To asssist managers and leaders we have assembled the following list of delegated responsibilities associated with different management roles which are contained in policy statements. See the linked policy or guidelines for further information. Note that line manager responsibilities are also applicable to Deans, Heads and Chairpersons. Individual position descriptions also contain responsibilities related to individual roles and line managers must also ensure they are aware of any employment obligations contained within the employment agreements which their staff are party to.

 Manager  Responsibility  Other resources
Deans and Heads
Financial Delegations as per Financial Authority Policy See Appendix 1
Procurement Policy: Monitor expenditure of all items within cost centres managed and ensure appropriateness


ICT Equipment and Procurement: Ensure processes are in place around labelling, location recording, disposal and reporting theft of ICT capital equipment Recycling and disposal
Student Complaints: Acknowledge, advise, consider, decide and prevent as per policy Staff Code of Conduct
Academic Staff Code of Ethics
Pastoral Care of International Students
Academic Workloads: Report to the Vice-Chancellor annually 40/40/20 model
Evaluation of Teaching and Papers: Report annually to Education Quality Assurance Committee  
Staff Performance and Professional Development: Plan, monitor, manage and enhance perfomance; ensure PGS takes place annually; ensure reward and recognition is evidence-based; report annually to the AVC(Operations) Continual Professional Development Framework
Study Leave: Approve applications, advise applicants, specify terms of leave  
Academic Staff Engaging in Commercial Consultancy: Approve any continuing activities  
Corporate Data Management: Ensure that relevant staff are designated as security administrators and data custodians where appropriate.  
Equal Opportunity: Develop and implement an equal employment opportunity programme, report annually, lead and facilitate family friendly work practices  
Financial Delegations as per Financial Authority Policy See Appendix 1
Academic Workloads: Apply and ensure access to workload allocation model in consultation with staff 40/40/20 model
Evaluation of Teaching and Papers: Ensure review and evaluation at least every second occurrence, monitor evidence submitted, report annually to Dean, ensure alignment with PGS  
Study Leave: Consider applications, complete relevant section of form, forward to Dean  
Academic Staff Engaging in Commercial Consultancy: Approve any short-term activities  
All Line Managers
Financial Delegations as per Financial Authority Policy See Appendix 1
Procurement Policy: Authorise expenditure by direct reports, manage phone purchases and related activitiy  
Staff Performance and Professional Development: ensure staff have a personal induction programme (when new to role), have a current position description, use evidence to inform personal planning, provide regular feedback and an annual PGS meeting, identify and support personal performance improvement and enhancement, implement professional goals and personal development plans within available resources Continual Professional Development Framework
Personal Information and Privacy: Ensure all systems, processes and practices conform with the policy.  
Records Management: Ensure staff comply with policy and guidelines, assign recordkeeping responsibilities; ensure adequate training; ensure no records are destroyed, sold or transferred without approriate authorisation Records Management Procedures
Use of Private Vehicles for University Business: Ensure staff have access to appropriate, cost-effective transport where required; determine whether staff may use their own vehicle  
Safe Driving: Encourage safe driving practices and not require staff to drive in unsafe conditions; collect, monitor, report and take action on statistics on accidents, incidents, injuries and their causes  
Work-related Accidents and Injuries: Take all practical steps to ensure a safe and healthy work environment, train and inform staff, ensure staff report injuries and incidents, ensure that workstation assessments take place and that first aid is provided where required, maintain confidentiality with respect to personal work-related injuries Accident Report Form
Health and Safety: Provide and maintain a safe and healthy work environment, establish and insist in safe methods, equipment and practices, provide adequate training and opportunities for staff to participate in health and safety forums  

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