2008 Staff Awards Ceremony

Tuesday 2 December 2008

Administrative Excellence Awards



Judith Mudge is a senior adviser in the Scholarships Office. Judith’s award is for excellence in the administration of scholarships and awards. Her workload was described as “daunting”, but she has been commended for showing the same enthusiasm for the more mundane tasks she must perform as she does when driving a flagship award forward, serving on a prestigious selection panel, or representing the University at a national level. She has been instrumental in growing new awards such as the Hillary Scholarships to benefit the University’s profile and to maximise the distinctive experience of students.



Sue Dymock is the Director of the Hamilton Children’s Reading Centre which opened at Knighton Normal School in February 2003. Sue has kept the centre alive through annual fundraising and has provided a valuable resource for practising teachers and Masters of Education and Honours students. Sue’s award is for for administrative excellence in her role as Director, Hamilton Children’s Reading Centre, Chair, International Students Committee (SOE) and for research in literacy.




Moe Edmonds from the School of Law received her award for the promotion of excellence in student support and learning in law beyond the call of duty. Moe is the Māori liaison officer at the School of Law and she works diligently to develop a supportive learning environment for Māori students and makes a significant contribution to the recruitment, retention, completion and achievement of Law students.

A 2008 Team Administrative Excellence Award went to the School of Law Administrative and Computer Support Group, comprised of Lynette Wood, Eileen Suttor, Janine Pickering, Barbara Wallace, Chirs Murrell and Daniel Taylor. This group, in addition to their normal duties, has made significant contributions to key events which are of importance for the recruitment and retention of students. These events are “Be a Law Student for a Day” which was conceived by Lyn Wood, the Law Student Orientation Programme, and the School of Law Secondary Schools’ Mooting Competition – all of which have been enhanced in 2008 and were highly successful. For excellent administrative conrtibutions to student recruitment and retention, the School of Law Administrative and Computer Support Group.

Vice Chancellor's Medal for Staff Excellence



After much deliberation the Vice-Chancellor decided to make the award to Judith Mudge for her outstanding achievement and huge contribution to the life of the University.





In addition to the certificates presented on the day each individual recipient received $5,000 and the teams each received up to $15,000 to be shared by members. Congratulations to all 2008 Staff Award recipients.

If you would like further information about Staff Awards, or would like to initiate a nomination for a 2009 award please click here.

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