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Staff Engagement Survey


Will my responses be anonymous and confidential?

Absolutely. We have taken a lot of care about how individual responses are handled to ensure confidentiality and anonymity, including the following:

  • The survey form is hosted on the Voice Project website, so no-one from the University (including system and web administrators) can access the form or the results
  • The University does not have access to the raw data which is carefully filtered by Voice Project to ensure there is no personal identifying information
  • All demographic data collected on the form is reported independently and separately from the survey question responses
  • No reports or other aggregated data are provided by Voice Project for any unit which has fewer than 10 respondees (apart from the percentage response rate)

The only area where individual responses might possibly be identifiable is in the open question responses where individuals are free to comment as they choose. If an individual provides information which might possibly allow others to identify them then Mike Bell (who is the Project Manager for the survey) will do his best to remove the specific identifiers, and/or aggregate responses where possible. It is preferable to write these open responses as generally as possible - i.e. please do not name individuals (use something like 'one of my colleagues' or 'my manager' instead) and avoid statements like 'as the only male in the XYZ department'.

We are collecting usernames of anyone who would like to go into the draw for a restaurant voucher. This is undertaken completely independently of the survey itself and no identifying information is sent to Voice Project so there is no way to link this process with the responses you provide to the survey.

Why are we conducting a survey of staff?

We want to find out more about what it’s like to work at The University of Waikato today. What are the great things about working at The University of Waikato and what are the things that we can improve about working at the University of Waikato? We need to know what would most improve your experience of working at The University of Waikato.

The purpose of this survey is to:

  • seek feedback about your experiences of working at The University of Waikato, in areas such as leadership, job satisfaction, and overall effectiveness;
  • identify the great things about working at The University of Waikato and some changes we can make that would most improve the working experience at The University of Waikato;
  • establish a data “benchmark” so that we can compare these factors over time, as well as compare ourselves with other organisations, including other higher education institutions.

The results from this survey will inform actions to further improve the experience of working at The University of Waikato to make The University of Waikato a better place to work. Overall, this initiative will ensure The University of Waikato is able to attract and retain staff.

Why should I complete the survey?

This is your chance to have a say. We want to hear from you about your experiences. Our success depends on getting it right for our staff. We need to know what your experience of The University of Waikato is like. What do you enjoy about working with The University of Waikato and what would make it even better? This is your chance to tell us what it’s really like and tell us what matters to you. The University of Waikato’s senior leadership team have instigated this survey to find out what staff think and they will be considering the results once they have been properly collated.

What exactly are we measuring?

Voice Project is a staff climate survey, measuring the staff description and evaluation of workplace practices (Langford, 2006) such as leadership, rewards, communication. We will be able to see how staff see The University of Waikato performing in these areas and how important these areas are to staff commitment to The University of Waikato. The survey also measures employee engagement which consists of how committed a staff member is to their organisation, how satisfied they are with their job and their intention to stay. 

Why did we choose Voice Project to conduct the survey?

Voice Project was selected to conduct the survey following a thorough assessment process for the following reasons:

When and how can I complete the survey?

The survey will be available online.  You will receive an email inviting you to complete the survey with the website address you need to access the survey and all the instructions you need to complete the survey. If you have any difficulties accessing the survey contact Mike Bell, ext 8894 email

This survey will be conducted online. It will be anonymous and confidential and all responses will be submitted directly to Voice Project - an external survey provider for analysis. The University of Waikato will not have access to individual responses and reports will only be generated for groups of 10 or more responses.

How long will it take me to complete the survey?

On average it should take about 20 to 30 minutes to complete the full 145 item survey. The 2012 average was 21 to 25 minutes. The short 25 item is expected to take most staff less than five minutes. It is possible to complete part of the survey and later return to complete the remainder. On completion you are provided with an opportunity to review your responses before submitting.

What can I do if I’m having trouble completing the survey online?

We are conducting the survey online as it will ensure a high response rate and offers the best efficiencies and value for money option. The survey is available online from any computer with internet access. If you are having difficulty accessing the survey online, contact Mike Bell, ext 8894 email

What will happen with my response/information?

Your response to the survey is submitted directly to Voice Project (the external survey provider). Voice Project analyses all staff responses and generates reports of trends. Reports will be compiled summarising trends across The University of Waikato and also within Work Units. The data will also be analysed to determine if different groups of staff have unique experiences and concerns (eg. academic/ general staff). The University of Waikato will not be able to identify your specific response. The survey is anonymous. To ensure confidentiality, Voice Project analyse all data and will only report aggregated scores from groups of 10 or more respondents.

Can the demographic questions be used to identify survey respondents?

No. Individual responses will remain confidential and Voice project will only report aggregated scores from groups of 10 or more respondents.

It is important that we capture demographic data so that we can determine how particular groups experience working at The University of Waikato and so we can develop appropriate target actions to improve their working experience.

Further Help

Contact Mike Bell, ext 8894 email

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