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Staff Engagement Survey

In line with our commitment to people and strategy, The University of Waikato regularly conducts University-wide staff surveys. The first of these took place in September 2009 and the second in April/May 2012. Thank you to all staff who completed the survey – we achieved an outstanding 66% response rate in 2009 and 67% in 2012, which made sure that the results provided a true reflection of the perceptions and feelings of staff.

The next University of Waikato Staff Engagement Survey will be held between Friday 15 and Friday 29 August 2014. The content on these pages will be updated over the next few months to reflect activity taken in response the last survey and help prepare for the next iteration.

Overall Success

Overall the response has been very favourable with the University of Waikato scoring equal to or better in 19 of the 34 areas that could be benchmarked against than the 37 other universities that used the survey. There were three scales of excellent in the areas of Job Satisfaction, Position Clarity and Team Work and the landscape/grounds of the University were consistently rated extremely positively.

   Scales/Items 2009 Results 2012 Results
   Job Satisfaction 82% favourable 83% favourable
   Position Clarity 85% favourable 85% favourable
   Team Work 85% favourable 85% favourable
   Grounds/Landscaping 92% favourable 94% favourable

The feedback received has provided important information for planning and continuous improvement. Some of the key responses to areas where change was indicated in the survey results are listed below. For a full summary of 2009 and 2012 survey results please click here. Info

Some Key Messages from Staff

•91% of staff like the work they do
•82% say their work gives them a feeling of personal accomplishment
•89% of staff understand their goals and objectives and know what is required of them in their jobs
•87% of staff understand how their job contributes to the overall success of the University
•94% of staff feel we have great grounds
•90% of staff have good working relationships with their co-workers
•84% say that their co-workers give them help and support
•82% say they work well as a team with their co-workers
•80% say they have confidence in the ability of their co-workers and that they put in extra effort whenever necessary
•80% of staff feel a sense of loyalty to the University and 82% are proud to say they work here
•84% of staff say they are willing to put in extra effort
•83% of staff are satisfied with their job

KPIs Based on Staff Survey Results

Institutional Key Performance Indicator 8:

Maintain the overall response rate in the University’s three-yearly staff engagement survey (67%) and
a. improve the result in the ‘Progress’ index (57%) and
b. maintain the result in the ‘Job Satisfaction’ scale (83%).

Workforce Plan Key Performance Indicator 10:

Maintain the overall response rate in the 2014/15 staff survey and
a. improve the results in the Progress index (57%)
b. maintain the results in the Job Satisfaction scale (83%)
c. improve the results in the Results Focus scale (71%)
d. improve the results in the Diversity scale (67%)
e. maintain the results in the Safety scale (67%)
f. improve the results in the Leadership scale (43%)
g. improve the results in the Cross-Unit Co-operation scale (27%)
h. improve the results in the Learning and Development scale (52%)
i. improve the results in the Performance and Professional goal setting scale (59%)

Our Ongoing Responses to the Survey

wesaid    response
  • Improved confidence in the ability of senior management
  • Our senior leaders to be better role models for staff
  • Senior management to become better at keeping people informed about what is going on
  • Senior management to be better at listening to other staff
  • Increased staff contact and presentations by the Vice-Chancellor and members of SLT
  • New two-way communication tools were introduced, including VC OnDemand, VC TV, VC Q&A
  • Community and the Official Circular are being better utilised to keep people informed about what is going on
  Overall the Leadership result improved by 10 percentage points from 33% in 2009 to 43% in 2012
  • More time and effort spent on career planning
  • More opportunities to develop skills needed for career progression
  • More opportunities for individual careers to progress at the University of Waikato
  Overall the Career Opportunities result improved by 3 percentage points from 34% in 2009 to 37% in 2012
  • Improve cross-unit cooperation at the University of Waikato
  • A number of cross-institutional initiatives have been undertaken to strengthen communication and cooperation between units including institutional projects, forums and networks (e.g. Managers, Chairpersons and Administrators Forums, Professional Development Network, development of a Project Management framework.)
  • Organisational and Committee structures reviewed and strengthened
  Overall the Cross-Unit Cooperation result improved by 3 percentage points from 24% in 2009 to 27% in 2012


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