From 1992-2002 I held major responsibility for doctoral studies in the School of Education and in the University more widely. I served seven years as the inaugural Assistant Dean (Graduate Studies) in the School of Education,  was the School's representative on the University Post Graduate Studies Committee and later its Deputy Chair. During this time I carried our an oral history research project on the PhD in Education in New Zealand.  A number of publications resulted, including:

  • Middleton, S. (2007). The place of theory: Locating the New Zealand Education PhD experience. British Journal of Sociology of Education. Vol 28, No 1, pp. 70-87.

The following are out of print, but attempts are currently under way to make them available again. The monograph is available in university libraries:

  • Middleton, S. (2001). Educating researchers: New Zealand Education PhDs 1948-1998. NZARE State of the Art Monograph No 7. Palmerston North: Massey University/ New Zealand Association for Research in Education. (116pp.). Click here to download a free copy.
  • Middleton, S. (2001). Thesis supervision: A resource for thesis supervision training. Hamilton, New Zealand: Hamilton Educational Resource Centre, University of Waikato.

In 2008  worked as part of a team, funded by the Ministry Of Education's TLRI Fund, studying Teaching and Learning in the Supervision of Maori doctoral students. Based at Nga Pae o te Maramatanga at the University of Auckland, the team comprised Associate Professor Elizabeth McKinley, Dr Barbara Grant and Dr Les Tumoana Williams (Auckland University), Dr Kathie Irwin (Wellington), and myself. Some early conference presentations are available for downloading to the left of this message. Published articles include:

  • Sue Middleton and Liz McKinley (2010), The gown and the korowai: Māori doctoral students and the spatial organisation of knowledge, Higher Education Research and Development, [Journal of HERDSA, the Higher Education Research and Development Society of Australasia], Vol 29, No 3, pp. 229-2
  • McMcKinley, Elizabeth; Grant, Barbara; Middleton, Sue; Irwin, Kathie and Williams, Les R. Tumoana(2011). 'Working at the Interface: Indigenous Students' Experience of Undertaking Doctoral Studies in Aotearoa New Zealand', Equity & Excellence in Education, 44: 1, 115 ”” 132.