Max Oulton

Concept Diagrams

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c14 Logs Dating

Figure drawn to show the schematic process of carbon dating tree rings using the c14 system.

Fish Life Cycles

Diagram explaining the different types of fish that live in the estuarine environment.

Fish Farming Example

Figure showing methods of fish farming using the same area for different species.

Fish Population Status

Graphical representation of fish population status relating to size and catch quantity.

Relative Microbe Size

Diagram showing relative sizes of microbes compared to a pinhead.

Global Nitrogen Cycle

Figure explaining the global nitrogen cycle.

Nitrogen Catchment Theory

Graphic explaining Louis Schippers' theory of reducing nitrogen pollution from pasture run-off.

Flasks and Petri

Figure of flasks and petri film used in experiments.

Shard-testing Block Construction

Diagram explaining the construction of a glass shard-testing block. This is so microscopic examination can be done of shards of different type glass from tephra.

Groundwater Cycles

Schematic showing groundwater cycles etc under different vegetation types.

Antarctic Poster

Poster compiled for the Antarctic conference in April 2004. Background image courtesy Susie Iball, Ministry of Fisheries.

Fine detail of the intricacies of glass testing equipment used in the radiocarbon dating process.

Graphic diagram which shows the basic placement of stems in flax weaving.