Max Oulton

Tidal Estuary and Marine Graphics

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Tidal Crustaceans for NIWA

3D figure prepared for NIWA for use in Estuary workbook being produced for HarbourCare groups showing tidal crustaceans etc.

Waterway Pollution for NIWA

As part of NIWAs' estuary workbook, one of chapters is set aside to explain pollution and the effects on the waterways.

How to measure mudflats and mangroves

Figure showing how to measure areas of mudflats and mangrove.

Sediment Buildup from mangroves

Diagram showing how sediment builds up in harbours by being deposited among the mangrove plant roots.



Tidal fluid dynamics

Diagram showing the fluid dynamics of tidal movement.

Water Clarity and Marine Life

Water clarity affects all sorts of marine life and activity.

Tidal Estuarine Vegetation in NZ Harbours

These three diagrams are for a series about the tidal estuarine vegetation in New Zealand harbours. One shows the estuary over time - from Holocene to the present- showing the gradual sedimentation and growth of marine plants, including mangroves. The next, the food web within mangroves, and the last, the growth of the invasive estuarine plant Spartina which has established a foothold in several NZ harbours.

Tidal Estuarine Vegetation in NZ Harbours

Tidal Estuarine Vegetation in NZ Harbours

North Island sand sampling sites

Map of North Island of New Zealand showing sand sampling sites drawn for a coastal researcher from NIWA.