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Emit Snake-Beings

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Dr Emit Snake-Beings is a practitioner and theorist in the field of interactive media with an interest in combining digital media with the practical, hands-on and material focused approaches of DiY (Do-it-Yourself) culture. His practice includes soundscape, film, video, animation, street recordings, electrical coin-operated kinetic sculpture, technological shrines and a particular photographic practice called 'Detailology' using a homemade macro lens. As an experienced craftsperson and filmmaker, his approach is to include material engagement as an integral and vital component of interactive art, in an attempt to embody aspects of knowledge which are often missing from purely digital new media. His research has included the use of interview, ethnographical film, material  analysis and observation of studio/workshop practices.

Recent Publications

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2017). Community of difference: The liminal spaces of the Bingodisiac Orchestra. International Journal of Community Music, 10(2), 109-120. doi:10.1386/ijcm.10.2.109_1

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2017). ‘It’s on the tip of my Google’: Intra-active performance and the non-totalising learning environment. E-Learning and Digital Media, 1-14. doi:10.1177/2042753017692429 Open Access version: hdl:

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2017). Maker Culture and DiY technologies: re-functioning as a Techno-Animist practice. Continuum: Journal of Media and Cultural Studies, -online. doi:10.1080/10304312.2017.1318825

  • Snake-Beings, E. (2017). The Do-it-Yourself (DiY) craft aesthetic of The Trons − Robot garage band. Craft Research, 8(1), 55-77. doi:10.1386/crre.8.1.55_1

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Communication; Composition; Computers and Education; Computing; Culture; Drama; Education Research; E-Learning; Environmental Ethics; Experiential Learning; Film; Machine Learning; Materials and Processing; Mechanical; Music; New Zealand Music; Performance; Philosophy; Screen and Media; Social Science Research; Sustainability; Technology; Theatre; Waste

Intersections of art and technology.
Material practices in Creative Technologies.
Interdisciplinary electronics and human interfaces.
Environmental arts and technologies
Maker Culture and the third Industrial revolution
Robotics and Lo-Tech innovations
material analysis
Do it Yourself Culture
DiY electronics
Vibrant Materials

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