Professor Tim Coltman

Tim Coltman

Dean - Waikato Management School

Qualifications: PhD (Strategic Management), Australian Graduate School of Management, B InfoTech (Hons I), Wollongong

About Tim

Tim has a PhD in strategic management (joint award by University of NSW and the University of Sydney) and is currently engaged in pioneering research where he has been awarded over $13 million in research funding by the Australian Research Council, DHL, Ports Australia and BlueScope Steel. Tim has published in leading journals such as J. Operations Management, California Management Review, J. of Business Research, J. of Information Technology, Interfaces, J. of Supply Chain Management, MISQ Executive, and J. of the AIS. Tim has more than 15 years' industry experience, having worked as a senior project manager within private consultancy, government and higher education.

Research Interests

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326789Modeling the operational capabilities for customized and commoditized servicesCapabilities-JOM-paper.pdfPDF File  
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Recent Publications

  • Queiroz, M., Tallon, P., Sharma, R., & Coltman, T. (2017). The role of IT application orchestration capability in improving agility and performance. The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, online, 18 pages. doi:10.1016/j.jsis.2017.10.002

  • Brooks, B., Coltman, T., & Yang, M. (2016). Technological Innovation in the Maritime Industry: The Case of Remote Pilotage and Enhanced Navigational Assistance. Journal of Navigation, 69(04), 777-793. doi:10.1017/S0373463315001046

  • Reynolds, P., Coltman, T., Queiroz, M., & Tallon, P. (2016). Design your platform for business unit agility and performance (Volume XVI, No.2). Massachusetts, USA: Center for Information Systems Research.

  • Anand, A., Sharma, R., & Coltman, T. (2016). Four steps to realizing business value from digital data streams. MIS Quarterly Executive, 15(4), 259-277.

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Management; Strategic Management; Supply Chain Management

Innovation and Technology Management

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