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Good Practice Guidelines

Goal 2 of the University of Waikato Teaching and Learning Plan (2013 – 2016) sets out the University’s expectations around assessment that engages student and enhances academic achievement.

Goal 2: Provide learning opportunities, teaching, and postgraduate supervision that foster student engagement, develop and transform students, and enhance academic achievement.

To achieve this, we will:

2.1    Ensure graduate profiles clearly state expected learning outcomes for qualifications and major subject areas, contain learning outcomes clearly characterise the goals of papers, and are aligned with the teaching and assessment components of the papers, and that enhances student engagement and achievement.

2.2    Ensure that the importance, effectiveness and ongoing development of teaching and postgraduate supervision is recognised in academic position descriptions, staff recruitment, induction, professional goal setting, professional development provision and academic promotions processes and reinforce the expectation that academic staff maintain evidence of effective teaching and postgraduate supervision that enhances student engagement and achievement.

2.3    Provide staff with opportunities to stay abreast of and implement current and emerging pedagogies, e-learning technologies, and assessment practices, supported by appropriate professional development programmes that enhances student engagement and achievement.

2.4    Ensure that research into tertiary teaching practice informs teaching and postgraduate supervision practice, and that all departments/schools adhere to the University policy on the Evaluation of Teaching and Papers.

Assessment and Learning Outcomes

There are some general points that need to be borne in mind when trying to align outcomes and assessment tasks.

Setting Assessment Tasks

Assessment tasks selected for a paper should directly and explicitly align with the paper learning outcomes and be able to be map back to the graduate outcomes of the programme. Assessment tasks should be designed both to help students to learn and develop the expected outcomes as well as evaluate the progress made towards these outcomes.

Guidelines for Developing Marking Criteria and Schemes

Marking criteria are most beneficial when they are seen as part of the total design of a paper. When planning a paper, there should be a clear and explicit congruence between learning outcomes, assessment tasks and marking criteria.

Good Feedback Principles and Practice

Feedback is an important part of the learning cycle.

Academic Integrity

An integral part of the assessment process is the development of academic and scholarly practices which are based on the highest standards of ethical conduct and intellectual development.

Useful Links on Assessment Matters

Additional links to assist staff in designing and implementing assessment tasks.


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