I’m trying to apply to graduate online, but it says I’m ineligible.  What does that mean?

It means that you have not completed your qualification yet, and we are still waiting on the final sign-off from your faculty.  You may have finished all of your classes/assignments, but there is a process that is followed to sign off your qualification before you become eligible. You should still apply in anticipation if you intend to graduate so that the Graduation Office knows your intentions – we can then follow up to get your completion signed off in time.

I want to graduate in December. How can I do this?

The University system for graduation will be changing in June, and instead of applying for December graduation in iWaikato, students who are eligible to complete by then (or who have completed after the cut-off date for April graduation) will be invited to attend. In the meantime - you just need to wait until June for more information on what to do.

If I can't attend a ceremony until later in the year, can I get a completion letter or something to say that I have finished the requirements for my degree? My employer needs verification of my completion.

Yes - you can apply for any records you need here.

I want to buy some more tickets - where can I get them?

Tickets will not be available to purchase until approximately two weeks prior to the ceremonies.  More information here.

I'm graduating at the marae - will I still need tickets?  How many guests can I bring?

Tickets are not required for the marae ceremony and there is no restriction on the number of guests.

How long do the ceremonies take?  I want to make a restaurant booking for after the ceremony.

Ceremonies can vary in length depending on how many are graduating at that time. The ceremonies at Claudelands and ASB Arena seem to be on average about two hours. Maybe a little less for a smaller cohort, and a little more for a larger cohort (15 minutes either way). The Marae ceremonies tend to take a little longer, due to the cultural components preceding the capping and the waiata and haka throughout. These are precisely what makes the Marae graduation experience a unique one so it's well worth the extra time. Please allow up to three hours for graduating at the Marae.

What’s the difference between ‘graduation’ and ‘conferral’?

A person graduates, and a qualification is conferred. Essentially they mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably. People often tend to think of ‘graduation’ as the ceremony where you walk across the stage and get capped. This very act is also when your qualification is conferred.  Conferrals also happen at various times throughout the year at University Council meetings – where a list of names is presented to council and their qualifications are conferred at that time.  Students cannot attend these meetings. This is known as graduating ‘in absentia’ (ie not being present at a ceremony) and your certificate is posted out to you after the meeting/ceremony.

I don’t want to come to a graduation ceremony. Does that mean I won’t graduate?

Students must apply to graduate whether they wish to attend a ceremony or graduate ‘in absentia’ (which means without being present at a ceremony). If we do not receive an application from you we will defer your qualification conferral to the next graduation period. If you do nothing you will automatically be conferred after a year and your certificate will be posted to you.

I’ve applied to graduate in December, but I’m surprised at one of my exam marks and want to apply for a Review of Grade.  How can I get the Review of Grade done in time?

Unfortunately students who apply for a Review of Grade for a failed B semester or full-year paper will not be eligible to graduate in December. The ROG application cannot be made until grades are final, at which time it will be too late to be included in the ceremony.

I’ve applied to graduate in December, but I have applied for Special Consideration due to unforeseen extenuating circumstances. Will I get my new grade in time to graduate?

Special consideration applications can take several weeks and, if approved, sometimes result in students having to sit a special exam. Unfortunately this means you are not guaranteed to be eligible to graduate in December.