Chris Roberts

Chris Roberts

Bachelor of Arts (History)

Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Chris Roberts, the Tourism Industry Association of New Zealand chief executive, has found career success by sticking to one golden rule – love doing what you do.

Fresh out of Whakatane High School, Chris came to the University of Waikato a couple of weeks after his 17th birthday to study political science and history – "quite simply, the subjects I enjoyed the most," he says.

Everything he's achieved since then has been through a combination of hard work and an ongoing willingness to learn and try new things, all built upon the solid foundation of a degree from Waikato.

"After graduating, I began my working career as a radio journalist back in Whakatane. My Bachelor of Arts degree was a good foundation to start from, and I learned everything else I needed to on the job – and in the variety of roles which followed."

Through a career in journalism, political advice and corporate communications, to his current leadership role in tourism, Chris is proud that he has been able to keep building on the skills he learnt at Waikato to reach his current level.

His advice to students considering the University of Waikato – "enjoy the experience, but get the balance right, between the social life and doing the work! Gaining a good quality degree from the University of Waikato should set you up for a successful future".

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