Māori Student Groups Hui

Tuesday 14th May 2013

Throughout the history of the University Institution, students have always mobilised themselves into many diverse cohorts, groups, clubs, associations and so forth according to their particular commonalities and main objectives. The University of Waikato is no different with multiple examples catering to just about every academic, cultural, social and political persuasion. The Māori student population is also represented in a number of establised groups whose target audience are primarily Māori and who aim to operate from a Māori world view.

A hui was held at Te Kohinga Mārama Marae facilitated by Professor Linda Smith on Tuesday 14th May to provide an opportunity for all Māori students to connect and learn more about the various established Māori Student Groups on campus. Representatives from Te Piringa Faculty of Law Te Whakahiapo Waikato Māori Student Law Association, Waikato Management School Te Ranga Ngāku, Te Waiora o Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato Māori Students Association and the Vice President Māori from the Waikato Student Association, gave presentations about their respective groups.

Each presentation shared the background, key objectives, target audience up and coming events, goals and vision for their group.  Te Ao Hurihuri the main meeting house was filled with Māori students and staff from across campus eager to meet one another, exchange kōrero, broaden knowledge and forge new pathways. 

New connections were made and networks created in goodwill to offer tautoko and potential for future collaboration and regular hui.