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Teaching Network

The network is a group of University staff who meet to contribute to discussions around aspects of teaching practice. While a topic is advertised prior to the meeting, there is also a sharing time that allows for staff to raise issues for subsequent discussion. Please contact Dr Lynne Parmenter for details about the Teaching Network.

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2017 sessions - PLEASE NOTE that all Teaching Network sessions will be held on the following Thursdays from 1pm to 2pm

This year’s Teaching Network focuses on the general theme “Changing the way we think about teaching”. The 2017 discussion series includes a range of topics to examine our existing teaching beliefs, including for example the role of technology, different ways of conceptualising assessment practice, and consideration of course content and its presentation. All teaching staff are warmly invited to attend – session attendance does contribute to the Tertiary Teaching Expectations framework.

Timetable and Venues

Themes and Titles

4 May

MSB.1.36, WMS

Internationalising the curriculum in practice

A "commitment to a culture of internationalisation" is part of the university's Charter and current Strategy, but how does this play out in individual papers? Applying leading theories of internationalisation of curriculum to the course level, this session will discuss strategies and considerations for ensuring that papers are enhancing a culture of internationalisation for all students. How to build that global context into your papers?

29 June

W block, W.G.02

Support or development for academic success? How do we prepare autonomous learners?

This session will focus on strategies that can be used to help students understand the meaning and need for academic literacy, such as task management, academic  integrity, reflecting on strengths, and self-identifying gaps in their learning. Perspectives from both sides of the table (lecturers and students) will be included.

24 August

W block, W.G.02

Incorporating Work-Integrated Learning in the Curriculum: Why, What and How?

The Curriculum Design Framework (CDF) implementation at the university has Work Integrated Learning (WIL) as one of the core ideas in order to support the provision of quality learning experiences for developing work-ready graduates.
WIL includes experiences within and of the workplace. For some students this may be a practicum while for some the workplace may be a location to gather data for further work.  How can we incorporate WIL in various aspects of teaching and learning throughout the curriculum?

12 October

MSB.1.36, WMS

Group assessment: How to make it work.

How do we assess collaborative learning and group work in our papers? This session will explore ways of thinking about group assessment, focusing particularly on issues associated with rubrics, group dynamics, distinguishing between cooperative and collaborative learning, and cultural responsiveness.

16 November,

W block, W.G.04

PBL: Problem-based and project-based learning

Many people have heard of problem-based learning and/or project-based learning (both referred to as PBL) and might already use PBL in their classrooms, but what is the difference between the two forms of PBL? How can PBL be integrated fully into the curriculum? How can PBL be assessed effectively? How can students as well as teachers learn to make the most of the opportunities offered by PBL? This session will explore questions such as these and will provide an opportunity for participants to share their experiences, challenges, successes, and concerns in the area of PBL.  









PANOPTO RECORDINGS for previous sessions in 2017

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