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Principles of Assessment

Assessment: Feedback to Promote Student Learning

Assessment: Setting and Marking Assessment Tasks

Assessment Matters: Academic Integrity

Assessment Matters: Self and Peer Assessment

Assessment Tasks to Promote Learning

Assessment Matters: Groupwork Assessment

TDU Library Titles

53 Interesting Ways to Assess Your Students
Sue Habeshaw, Graham Gibbs, Trevor Habeshaw

Assessing Learners in Higher Education
Sally Brown, Peter Knight

Assessing Learning in Universities
Peggy Nightingale, Ina Te Wiata, Sue Toohey, Greg Ryan, Chris Hughes & Doug Magin

Assessing More Students
Gina Wisker, Chris Rust, David McAndrew, Alan Jenkins, David Jaques, Trevor Habeshaw, Graham Gibbs, Bob Farmer, Diana Eastcott, Sally Brown, Elizabeth Beaty, David Baume

Assessing Skills and Practice: Key Guides for Effective Teaching in Higher Education
Ruth Pickford, Sally Brown

Assessing Student Centred Courses
Graham Gibbs

Assessing Student Learning in Higher Education
George Brown, Joanna Bull, Malcolm Pendlebury

Assessing Students' Written Work: Marking Essays and Reports
Catherine Haines

Assessing Students: How shall we know them?:
Derek Rowntree

Assessment for Learning in Higher Education
Peter Knight

Assessment Matters in Higher Education: Choosing and Using Diverse Approaches
Sally Brown, Angela Glasner

Assessment of Student Performance: Marking Essays and Other Written Work
Cedric Hall, Jim Feist, Athol Johnson,

Assessment Programs and Projects: A Directory
Jacqueline Paskow

Assessment: A Guide to Best Practice
Nancy Hunt, Lincoln University

Assessment: Case Studies, Experience and Practice from Higher Education
Peter Schwartz, Graham Webb

Behind Outcomes: Contexts and Questions for Assessment
Pat Hutchings

Catching Theory Up with Practice: Conceptual Frameworks for Assessment
Marcia Mentkowski, Alexander W. Astin, Peter T. Ewell, E. Thomas Moran

Changing the Way We Grade Student Performance: Classroom Assessment and the New Learning Paradigm
Rebecca S. Anderson, Bruce W. Speck

Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers
Thomas A. Angelo, K. Patricia Cross

Computer-Assisted Assessment
Sally Brown, Phil Race, Joanna Bull

Developing Portfolios for Learning and Assessment
Val Klenowski

Enhancing Learning Through Formative Assessment and Feedback:
Alastair Irons

Enhancing Learning Through Self Assessment
David Boud

Evaluating Teaching and Courses from an Active Learning Perspective:
Mike O'Neil, Gus Pennington

Extramural Assessment and Marking: A Handbook for Massey University staff and sessional assistants
Marian Hookham

Implementing Student Self-Assessment
David Boud

Improving Student Learning: Through Assessment and Evaluation
Graham Gibbs

Learning Journals: A Handbook for Academics, Students and Professional Development
Jennifer Moon

Learning to Teach: Assessing Students' Work
David Baume, Carole Baume

Peer and Group Assessment: A Guide for Tertiary Teachers
Deborah Fraser

Practical Pointers for Quality Assessment
Bill Cox, Amanda Ingleby

Promoting Peer Assessment Learning Amongst Students in Higher and Further Education
AJM Donaldson & KJ Topping

Reflective Learning and Learning Journals
Jenny Moon

Reprints of Two Papers Treating Assessment's History and Implementation: Reprise 1991
Peter T. Ewell, Pat Hutchings, Ted Marchese

Rethinking Assessment in Higher Education: Learning for the Longer Term
David Boud, Nancy Falchikov

Strategies for Assessing Students: A guide to setting, marking, grading and giving feedback on assignments, tests and examinations
Lee Andresen, Peggy Nightingale, David Boud, Douglas Magin

Testing Times: The Uses and Abuses of Assessment
Gordon Stobart

The Student Assessment Handbook: New Direction in Traditional and Online Assessment
Lee Dunn, Chris Morgan, Meg O'Reilly

Are Professors Professional?
David Warren Piper

Effective Feedback Skills
Tim Russell

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