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CeTTL Staff

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  • Director's Office

    • Picture of Marcia
      Dr E. Marcia Johnson — Director

      I have a PhD in educational technology from the University of Toronto and have taught both computers in education and applied linguistics in Canada, Japan, and New Zealand. Current research interests include academic literacy, with a particular focus on doctoral level writing, eLearning, and technology use in language teaching. I have been Director of the Centre since October 2012.

    • Lissa Smith
      Lissa Smith — Centre Administrator

      I coordinate administrative activities within CeTTL. I had an extensive 18 year career in local government; I also previously worked for a Ministry of Health service provider and for an intellectual property commercialisation business unit. I came to New Zealand several years ago from Manila, Philippines where I studied for a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in Accountancy. I then gained three more qualifications in NZ all associated with business and office management.

    • Manjit Kaur
      Manjit Kaur — Administrative Assistant

      I work in Student Leanring as receptionist-cum-administrator, and, being a people person, my passion is to provide the best customer service possible. I take pride in having a helpful attitude which is reflected in my current role. I have more than 10 years experience working in the University of Waikato and the Wintec libraries. I hold a BSc, and MA(Economics) and a series of certificates in computing.

  • Student Learning

    • Andrea Haines
      Andrea Haines (Justice of the Peace) — Senior Tutor

      I have worked in the learning development field since 1990. My current role is Team Leader in Student Learning in which I work closely with the director on strategic directions for our unit. My specific focus is Student Learning's provision of one-to-one consultations and support for graduate and higher degree students through targetted workshops in Faculties and the Doctoral Writing Conversations initiative. Outside the university a major interest is the promotion of film culture in New Zealand. I serve as a Justice of the Peace on campus.

    • Katherine Gilliver-Brown
      Katherine Gilliver-Brown — eLearning Coordinator

      My role as eLearning Coordinator is provision and maintenance of electronic resources, especially tools that enhance grammatical and linguistic independence. I have developed a web-based self-access grammar product, and am currently working on the interface for a series of dynamically annotated excerpts of academic texts to help students develop an awareness of what features contribute to the quality of a piece of writing.

    • Dawn Marsh
      Dawn Marsh — Senior Tutor

      I am a tutor in the Student Learning team and work individually with students both face-to-face and online. I am involved in delivering workshops on campus to support students\' academic writing and learning development. I also co-ordinate our WaiConnect and WaiBoost programmes, which are aimed at ensuring all students have the opportunity to succeed in their studies.

    • Marie-Christine Wells
      Marie-Christine Wells — Senior Tutor

      I have worked in a variety of countries and cultures, developing and implementing culturally and pedagogically appropriate academic literacy in a range of overseas tertiary institutions and universities. I encourage students to be critical thinkers; to reflect and apply appropriate new concepts to their existing knowledge, and construct their own understanding of these concepts; and to move away from egocentric and sociocentric attitudes to having more cosmopolitan attitudes that will help to make the necessary changes – individual and societal – needed to keep abreast with globalisation.

    • Claire Leschi
      Dr Claire Leschi — Mathematics Tutor

      Dr Claire Leschi is our new maths tutor in the Centre for Tertiary Teaching & Learning (Student Learning). She has taught maths in both secondary and tertiary contexts and has a strong background in teaching bridging Maths for university students.
      Claire is interested in meeting academic staff across the university and gathering information about the types of Maths topics embedded in their programmes of study and the Maths knowledge and/ or skills that students tend to find challenging.

    • Dean Ballinger
      Dr Dean Ballinger — Senior Tutor

      My academic background at the University of Waikato has been in the arts and humanities. I embarked as an adult student on a PhD in media studies, researching the interesting area of conspiracy theories. I have extensive experience in tutoring and lecturing which flows nicely into work at Student Learning. As a cartoonist I have also been pleased to provide the illustrations for the new Academic Integrity initiative which Student Learning has been preparing for the University in Moodle.

  • Technology
    Enhanced Learning

    • Nigel Robertson
      Nigel Robertson — eLearning Designer

      I am the Team Leader in the Waikato Centre for eLearning as well providing elearning advice. I have worked here since early 2008, after moving from the UK to a new life in Aotearoa NZ. Originally a geographer who showed an interest in computers, I found myself on a new journey into elearning. I have supported students and staff with learning and digital technologies and literacies for 15 years with a focus on doing things which make a difference, allowing our learners to be the best they can be.

    • Dr Dilani Gedera
      Dr Dilani Gedera — eLearning Designer

      Kia ora, I provide eLearning support and training on all aspects of teaching and learning for staff.
      I have a PhD in eLearning from the University of Waikato, and have worked as a lecturer in New Zealand, Sri-Lanka and Malaysia for 12 years.
      In my research projects I have explored how educational technologies can enhance learner engagement and experiences. My research interests and areas of expertise include: eLearning, educational technologies, learning design, instructional design, Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPCK), learner engagement, and Activity Theory.
      Dilani Gedera on LinkedIn

    • Stephen Bright
      Stephen Bright — eLearning Designer

      Kia ora, I am an elearning designer. I have a background in education and 20+ years experience in staff development. I have a special interest in eportfolios and online learning workload management. Ngā mihi nui.

    • Tracey Morgan
      Tracey Morgan — Digital Literacy Adviser

      I am the University Digital Literacy Adviser with a remit to help all staff become confident and agile when using digital technology. I provide direct support including 1-to-1 help, workshops, customised development opportunities for groups and individuals, and events such as Digital Literacy Week. I also advocate strongly for systems which enable everyone to achieve their aims easily and effectively. If you are looking for support with University systems such as Jade or Google Apps or Net Safety then please contact me at

    • Placeholder image for Chris Hogg
      Chris Hogg — eLearning Systems Technologist

      My role is to provide technical support for eLearning across the University while providing expertise in the maintenance, development, and enhancement of eLearning systems and technologies.

    • Brenda Simmons
      Brenda Simmons — eLearning Systems Administrator

      Kia ora! My role is to administer the online learning platforms used at the Univesity of Waikato; some of which are Moodle, Panopto, Mahara and Turnitin (Tii).
      I also support staff and students to become enabled and confident users of digital technologies in their day to day activities by way of workshops, orientations, and one-on-one assistance.

  • Teaching

    • Lynne Parmenter
      Dr. Lynne Parmenter — Senior Lecturer

      After earning a PhD in Education from Durham University (UK) in 1997, I worked for 20 years in universities in Japan, the UK and Kazakhstan before coming to New Zealand in early 2017. I work with academic staff across the university on course design, teaching and learning, assessment, professional development and related issues. My research interests are in internationalization of education, intercultural education and development of global citizenship/global competence through education.

    • Arezou Zalipour
      Dr Arezou Zalipour — Lecturer

      I am a teaching developer at the Teaching Development Unit. Originally from an Arts, Communication and Visual Media background, I have played a variety of roles in learning institutions, and had the opportunity to teach students of various nationalities. My teaching has developed in the course of my experience since 1999 working in various universities and has crossed disciplinary, cultural and geographical borders. I also have a strong background in conducting interdisciplinary research within the broad areas of Humanities and Social Sciences.

    • Charlotte Ferry-Parker
      Charlotte Ferry-Parker — Senior Tutor

      My role is to help staff implement strategies to improve teaching in response to student feedback and teaching evaluations, and help staff develop effective evaluation tools. I also work with new tutors to help them become established in their tutoring roles.

    • William Shield
      William Shields — Evaluation Coordinator

      Kia ora, I came from our very own Management School. I have a BMS (Hons) in both Strategy and Human Resources. As evaluation coordinator I am responsible for the maintenance of the University's course and teaching evaluations. This involves discussing the evaluation process and requirements with staff and students, analysing data and producing evaluation reports for the University, and summaries for staff during the promotion period.

    • Craig Gilliver
      Craig Gilliver — Evaluation Assistant

      In this role I provide assistance to the Evaluation Coordinator crunching the data provided by the evaluation process, and contributing to the summaries and reports. I help prepare the evaluation questionnaires and prepare the data for the staff to include as part of their promotion or advancement applications.

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