Dr Carol Hamilton

Senior Lecturer, Human Development & Counselling

About Me

Programme: Disability and Inclusion
Department: Human Development and Counselling
Faculty: Education

Supervision Completions

Directed Study

Wei Lim, Gary. 2016 Literature review of transitions from residential homes to semi or fully autonomous settings for adults with disabilities.

McLeod, Holly. Deaf Culture in Education

Two Paper Dissertations

Cristie, Melisa. 2016.  Use of Cochlear implant(s): what are the physical, social, psychological and financial implications for deaf/hard-of-hearing young people

Coffin, Rachael. 2016. Can cross government funding models in Aotearoa New Zealand meet the needs of younger people with profound disabilities?

Bin Ismail, Iszehar. 2016. Developing a Carer Identity among Teachers Working with Students with Special Education Needs (SEN): What are Teachers’ Thoughts?

Khan, Sheba. 2016. Autism, A journey through disorder to difference Four Paper Theses Singh, Deepak; Inclusive education in Fiji: Pre-service and in-service primary education teachers’ perspectives and preparedness for inclusive education


Winis, Colleen. 2013. Determining the Attitudes of Elementary School Teachers Towards the Inclusion of Children with Disabilities.

Singh, Deepak. 2017. Inclusive education in Fiji: Pre-service and in-service primary education teachers’ perspectives and preparedness for inclusive education [finished April 2017]

Staff Profile

Research Interests and Expertise

I am a educationalist/sociologist with an interest in exploring the intersections between ability and disability. My doctoral thesis examined the key cultural influences that enabled and constrained direct support workers responses to instances of sexualised behaviour of the intellectually disabled people who live in Service Agency group homes. My current research interests are in the following areas: sexuality & disability, life-story work with older intellectually disabled people, sterilisation and young intellectually disabled people and beginning teachers’ attitudes and beliefs towards the theory and practice of inclusive education.


I have expertise in a variety of positivist and post-positive narrative and deconstructive methodologies and in qualitative survey design.

'Favourite' Theorist(s)

Michel Foucault, Fiona Kumari Campbell, Erica Burman, Kwame Anthony Appiah. Hannah Arendt

Recent Publications

  • Hamilton, C. (2017). Exploring the influence of institutionalisation on beginning teachers thoughts about inclusive practices. Journal of Social Inclusion, 8(1), 23-33.

  • Hamilton, C. A., & Vermeren, L. (2016). Te Whāriki and inclusive education—A survey of early childhood teachers’ views. Waikato Journal of Education, 21(1), 109-120.

  • Hamilton, C. A., & Wilkinson, T. (2016). Parent perspectives of children with autism spectrum disorder transitioning from primary to secondary school in New Zealand. Waikato Journal of Education, 21(1), 121-132. doi:10.15663/wje.v21i1.196

  • Hamilton, C. (2016). Special education costs in New Zealand: What are direct family members paying?. set: Research Information for Teachers, (2), 20-27. doi:10.18296/set.0042

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