Step Higher - Piki Ake

Through the Sir Edmund Hillary Scholarship programme the University of Waikato is investing in future leaders, the future of the University and the capability of the nation. The characteristic spirit of Sir Edmund Hillary Scholars are that they are risk-takers: future makers, leaders, original thinkers, inspiring, connected, competitive, determined, disciplined, passionate and aspirational.

This spirit is nurtured through the Leadership Programme. The main focus is the Hillary Challenge- Personal Purpose, Sir Edmund Hillary’s challenge to each Sir Edmund Hillary Scholar to complete their Personal Purpose by the completion of their studies. This challenge is complemented by keynote speakers and team building activities, based on topics such as public speaking and media training, that enable Sir Edmund Hillary Scholars to share experiences and build networks with the cohort of Scholars. There are a number of further opportunities for Scholars to develop their leadership, such as ambassadors, of the University or of your sport or creative and performing art, or international student exchanges.

The development of an annual plan enables Sir Edmund Hillary Scholars to be aspirational and balance their pursuits. The annual plan documents the Scholars road map, defining commitments of the University and their sport or creative and performing arts.