Associate Professor Amanda Bateman

Amanda Bateman

Qualifications: PhD

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Research Interests

Children's social interactions

Conversation analysis

Recent Publications

  • Bateman, A., & Cekaite, A. (2022). Language as context: A case of early literacy practices in New Zealand and Sweden. International Journal of Early Years Education. doi:10.1080/09669760.2022.2029365

  • Bateman, A. (2021). Teacher responses to toddler crying in the New Zealand outdoor environment. Journal of Pragmatics, 175, 81-93. doi:10.1016/j.pragma.2021.01.014

  • Church, A., & Bateman, A. (2020). Conversation analytic role-play method (CARM) for early childhood teacher education. Teacher Development, 24(5), 652-668. doi:10.1080/13664530.2020.1820371

  • Bateman, A. (2020). Young children's affective stance through embodied displays of emotion during tellings. Text and Talk. doi:10.1515/text-2020-2077

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