Add questions to the question bank

1. On the paper's Home Page, select Manage Paper

2. In the drop-down menu, select More

3. In Question bank, select Questions

4. Select a Category for your question/s, then select Create a new question

5. Select a question type via the radio buttons, then select Add.

6. Fill out Question name, Question text and Default mark. Then scroll to the bottom of the page to Save changes.

The Question will then appear in your Question bank.

Moving question bank questions. 

You can move questions into another Category (for example, a new quiz). There are two ways to do this.

A. Select the tick box to the left of the Question name, then select the new category from the drop-down menu, and finally select Move to>>. The question will appear in both the original Category and the new Category.

B. Select the edit cog icon to the right of the question name.

In Current category, untick  Use this category, then select the new category from the drop-down menu. Make any other required edits, and finally scroll down to Save changes.

Note: see also Importing questions into a quiz.