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Paper Outlines: interim format changes

The Academic Office is working hard to streamline the Paper Outlines process and minimise duplication. Some minor format changes have been implemented to prepare for the transition to the new system in 2024.

Summary of changes

  • Learning outcomes are now drawn directly from MyWaikato.
  • The order of some items has changed. For example, Topics and Schedule have moved up and are now immediately after Timetable.
  • Some sections have been renamed and/or combined into a single section. For example, Paper Structure is now called How this paper will be taught.
  • Some sections have been removed.

    paper outlines changes summary

Note: You can copy and paste any information that you wish to reuse from previous Paper Outlines into the new sections, or enter new information.

Details of changes

To Create or Edit your Paper Outline or preview these changes, go to the Paper Outlines page.

Note: See the May 17 Paper Information Project message to staff for more details.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes are now stored in MyWaikato.


Timetable details are now stored in SITS.

To update or correct please email Timetables.

How to Create or Edit individual sections

  1. Hover over the bottom of the section to display any available Edit Content button.
  2. Select the Edit Content button at the right hand side of the screen.
  3. Enter your information in the text box.

Note: For most instructions on how to prepare your paper outlines, please continue to refer to the help documents on the right hand side of the Paper Outlines screen.

current paper outlines guides

Reordered sections

You can preview or search for a Paper Outlines section in the Outline menu on the left hand side of your screen. To go directly to a section, select the relevant heading.

Renamed and combined sections

Note: Some sections generated at University level have also been renamed or reordered. As previously, you can add your own information to many of these sections. Hover over the bottom of each section to display any available edit buttons.

  • What this paper is about replaces the previous Introduction and Paper Description Sections.
  • How this paper will be taught replaces Paper Structure. If you wish, you can include any additional Workload and Timetable information here, including anything specific about lectures, tutorials or labs.
  • What you will study replaces Schedule and includes information from the previous Topics section.
  • You will need to have includes information from the previous sections Recommended Readings, Other Resources and Health and Safety Equipment to Purchase. You will find it under Required Readings.

  • How you will be assessed is a high level summary of each item of assessment. It replaces the Assessments heading.
    how you will be assessed
  • Student support should now include any additional information that you previously provided under Online Support.

Removed sections

  • How achievement will be measured
  • Assignment submission and collection procedure
  • Additional Information
  • Online Support
  • Linkages to Other Papers
  • Division and Paper Level University Regulations
  • Division and Paper Level Academic Integrity
  • Division and Paper Level Complaints Procedures

Note: These changes are expected to be retained in the new system.

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