We upgraded Moodle based on your feedback

Thanks to everyone who responded to the Moodle survey we ran in April 2019.  We’ve read all of the responses, and when we upgrade to Moodle 3.6 on Monday 1 July, we will include some of the features you requested.

The first time you log on to Moodle after the upgrade you will see a tour to get to know the new features.

The changes to Moodle are listed below - click any link for details.

Changes to Moodle Papers

Paper tabs have been removed

The course picture has been removed

Changes to Panopto

New Assessments section and Assessments block replaces the Assessments tab

Changes to Moodle Dashboard

Layout has been updated

"Recently accessed papers" has been added

"Your Timeline" has been changed to a block on the right of the screen

Dashboard tabs have been replaced

Papers can have any picture

You can see more papers in the Paper overview

There are new ways to order and display your list of papers

You can star (make a favourite) or hide papers

Changes to messaging

A link to email has been added


These links also take you to the same pages as those above: