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Paper tabs have been removed

Since 27 January 2018 papers have had a tabbed format:

In Moodle 3.6 tabs will be changed into paper sections.  This affects older papers as well.
So, an -18A paper will appear with extra sections instead of the tabs.  If a tab was empty it will appear ‘Hidden from students’.

Previous format:

A tab-format paper currently appears like this:

New format:

From 1 July the same paper will appear like this with sections instead of tabs:

During the upgrade on 1 July the tabs will be automatically converted into sections.  If the tab is empty the section will be hidden.  If the tab is already hidden the section will also be hidden.

This affects older papers as well. So a -18A paper will appear with extra sections instead of the tabs.

All new papers (created after 1 July) will have an Introduction section and an Assignments section by default.
Please store Assignments in the Assignments section to make it easy for students to locate them.


  • Old papers will keep their content but they will look different because they have a different layout.
  • Importing an “old” paper into a “new” one becomes straight-forward because they use the same layout.
  • Staff may need to delete hidden sections in -19B papers.

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