Mail Services

The Mail Service provides the most cost effective method for the circulation of hard copy mail on the campus, and links the campus to external mail, courier and freight systems.

The Mail Centre is located at The University of Waikato Mailroom, Gate 3A, 209 Silverdale Road, Hamilton 3216 and has delivery vehicles regularly going between there and the main campus. It is managed by the Logistics Team Leader, Craig Purchase, who is contactable on (07) 858-5108 or internally on extn. 5108, email [email protected]. The Mail Centre can advise on University pickups and offer extensive advice on the best way to send mail. They are fully knowledgeable about NZ Mail Group and the services they offer which include  national and international courier systems in addition to freight options.

The Mail Service:

  • Receives and sorts incoming mail and dispatches outgoing mail once daily.
  • Receives, sorts and delivers internal mail on most occasions at least once daily.
  • Administers and facilitates the dispatch of courier items using available cost-efficient means using the services of NZ Mail Group.
  • Monitors and surveys mail volumes in order to recharge cost centres.  A monthly account of all mail charges can be provided on request.
  • Assists all Campus users with gaining the most cost efficient method of sending mail and bulk post outs.

For more information on University of Waikato mail and courier services, please refer to our Mail Info Guide

To contact us please refer to Staff Contact.