I absolutely love the discipline of Psychology. It is an incredibly broad and diverse academic subject. As such, it comes in all sorts of flavours and is often difficult to pin down in a definition. For me, Psychology is the science of how we understand and improve how humans and animals perceive and think. It is the study of how we act, react and interact. This field lets us make great strides in creating new knowledge that positively helps our society.

The School of Psychology at Waikato contains all the flavours of Psychology – from neuroscience to social science. We are a very special community that is warm and welcoming. We continually strive to be world leading experts in our respective fields. This is reflected in the way that we teach. We bring our excitement, knowledge and passion to our lecture theatres and labs. This means that our students learn about the most up-to-date advances in psychology together with how psychology can be applied in the modern world.

We want our students to succeed in any future endeavours. To this end, we look to provide subject specific knowledge but also fundamental communication, IT and teamwork skills during the course of an undergraduate degree.

Every year the range of career opportunities grows for students with graduate degrees in psychology. If you are curious, creative and energetic, it’s a great time to be pursuing advanced study in psychology at the University of Waikato.

The postgraduate programme in the School of Psychology at the University of Waikato has key strengths in Animal Behaviour, Behaviour Analysis, Community Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Human Cognition, Kaupapa Māori Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Social Psychology, and Forensic Psychology/Crime Science.

Our postgraduate students work collaboratively with academic staff. We provide intensive research training and opportunities to interact with other researchers in the School. Postgraduate students play a critical role in our research laboratories, and they receive careful mentoring by their supervisory team. A variety of graduate degrees require the completion of one or more supervised research projects, dissertations or theses.

We also offer professional programmes that prepare students for a range of careers in psychology, including as a New Zealand registered psychologist or clinical psychologist. By gaining entry to one of these programmes, students receive training in the building blocks needed to become a competent and safe practitioner in the relevant field.

For postgraduate students who want to concentrate more intensively on research, enrolling in a PhD in Psychology at Waikato is a specialist pathway designed to lead on to careers at the cutting edge of psychological science.

Waikato is a brilliant place to study psychology. We pride ourselves on delivering a vibrant and rewarding student experience. Our aim is to provide a platform for a variety of skills that will allow you to flourish throughout life and long after your time at Waikato.

We look forward to welcoming you to the School.

Professor Vincent Reid

Head of School