About the Finance and Analytics Division

F&A  provides centralised accounting and financial services for the University. Its goal is to be a valued supplier of financial services to the University. In achieving this, FSD operates three main operating lines; Financial Operations, Financial Management and Procurement.

The outcomes that F&A is focused on providing are:

Provide strategic financial advice, supported by accurate, relevant and timely financial information, interpretation and analysis of financial information, and proposals for financial solutions to assist decisions being made and resources deployed in a manner that supports the Vision, Strategy and Plans of the University.

Provide prudent financial, asset and procurement management capability and systems. This includes effective and efficient financial operations, financial policy development, treasury management, annual and periodic external reporting, tax matters, audit and capital expenditure.

Lead the University's financial planning and budgeting process, including planning for a surplus and overseeing and monitoring delivery of that surplus.

Maintain and enhance budget monitoring and internal control policies and procedures to ensure the effective and efficient use of resources.

Enhance F&A interactions with Faculty and support services managers and staff to add collaborative value to the University and support the University's role as not only a business but a tertiary educational provider.

Develop financial models and systems that assist and enable managers and other staff within the University to undertake their roles and functions effectively.